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About Clockwork Voices


Clockwork is a webcomic, created by comic artist, Chikuto.
Below are excerpts from here, to tell you a little bit about the story;

“Cog Kleinschmidt works happily as an artisan within the stronghold of the world’s leading empire, Mercia Fortress. He finds his life taking a screeching turn upon the arrival of a diplomat from the enemy Kingdom of Arcadia, who needs something from Cog - whether he agrees or not!

Cog soon finds himself trapped in the faraway Kingdom of Arcadia - an aristocratic haven with rich history and even richer tastes. However, Arcadia heaves with creepy undertones and conspiracies, but the citizens seem willfully ignorant of the bizarre events going on under their noses. Cog finds himself getting pulled further into Arcadia’s paranormal side, and decides the only way out is to solve the kingdom’s mysteries himself - with any help he can get from Arcadia’s stepford-like residents!”


“The Empire of Mercia is the dominant power of the world. It has a long history of warfare, much of which has resulted in their favor. However, they have been unable to bring Arcadia under the watchful eye of their empire, resulting in a great deal of tension between the two nations. 

Mercia has rather ruthless methods of dealing with the few stray individuals who use magic - executions, assassinations - although with a sudden surge of magic-wielding terrorists, Mercia struggles with how to proceed. Just where are they coming from all of a sudden?

Mercian citizens pride themselves for their hard-working, homey lifestyles, and their steadfast attitudes. They are simple people who find comfort in friends, family, and food cooked with lots of love. Mercians are always ready to lend a helping hand to their fellow citizens, and work hard to make life rich and comfortable for everyone in the empire. However, at the first spark of danger, Mercia shows no mercy.”


“Arcadia is the second largest power in the world, ruled by aristocrats and their beloved queen. When Mercia first attempted to occupy the kingdom, they were driven back by the world’s first airship, developed by Arcadia. A treaty of peace was formed to avoid further conflict. 

Unlike Mercians who find comfort in simplicity, Arcadians take pride in their wealth, rich history, and a love of finer things in life. Many people around the world with an interest in theater, art, and architecture will find themselves gravitating toward Arcadia. However, due to Arcadians valuing blood and birthright above all, the divide between the rich and the poor in Arcadia is a large and unchanging one. As a result, a community of “peasants” has formed beneath the city, banded together and maintained by the mysterious Ringleader. 

As rich as their blood may be, it seems to be filling the streets as Arcadian aristocrats are routinely being found dead. With both a serial killer AND the Empire of Mercia breathing down their necks, Arcadia finds itself at a loss.”


“People believe that through the practice of magic, those who use it forego their humanity. Willfully indulging in an art that chips away at your mind and soul for personal gain, ultimately to render you a deadly threat to the rest of humanity, is the very essence of inhumane.

Believed to be through genetics, some humans inherit the ability to use magic from an unknown source. It is a well documented fact that those who exercise magic begin to act erratically, as the strain of a human using such a force slowly turns the user sick and mad with stress. Magic eats away at the user's sanity, sometimes without even exercising it. As long as it is present in a person, magic will steadily deteriorate their entire being until they are nothing more than a mindless, destructive time-bomb. 

Mercia takes the role of purging the world of magic users, for the safety of all. For centuries, magic has been rare, and Mercia’s global conquest has been extremely successful. However, over the past seven years, there have been rumors and sightings of this power resurfacing at a worrying rate in the form of terrorists committing crimes in the name of Arcadia - and Mercia is unsure of how to proceed.”


Clockwork Voices is a project dedicated to dubbing the above story in a visual novel format, approved by Chikuto herself. Episodes will be posted on YouTube once all roles are filled.


It is very important that you are a reader of Clockwork for two reasons;
1. This project is for the readers, by the readers.
2. Passion is a must! We, including the author (Chikuto), are all independent creators and, therefore, put a lot of passion into our work. If you don't know the story, then you can't love the story!

A variety of voices are welcome and encouraged, please be as creative as you like!

Discord is required, as we have a server for easy communication.

Mic quality must be no lower than a Blue Yeti microphone. 

You must be 16+ to audition, as this story contains mature themes (such as murder and kidnapping).

You must be serious about your role in this project and have a sense of responsibility, in order to meet deadlines.

Want updates on the project's progress?
Follow my Twitter!

And, of course, support the creator, Chikuto!
Clockwork / Patreon / Tumblr / Twitter

Good luck, I look forward to working with you!

About the Creator: quinnarius

I'm Quinn, a 23-year-old aspirant from Alberta.

I'm looking to make voice acting/directing cartoons my career someday.

I also enjoy writing/design and practice these as often as I can.

Being an aspiring voice actor, I have yet to really find my range, 

but I hope to be a part of some amazing projects that will help me find it!

I look forward to working with you!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold