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    About Changed but Tainted: An original story.

    A story of change, taint and malice.

    In this insect world, everyone is fair game...

    Welcome to the world of Tainted but Changed a antrhopromorphic insect people infested world of a long ago Japan where it is all about survival, blood shed and sacrifice where only the fittest are deemed the most respected but beneath those layers hide a tainted force ready to strike at any moment.

    Do you have what it takes to survive this onslaught of change?

    Here is their story...

    A Changed but Tainted story… 

    A long time ago there lived a fearsome clan of psychopathic killers who were dubbed the White Tail clan who lived for nothing but blood shed on their robes making it their own personal satisfaction.

    On a fateful day the White Tails invaded the Hinomori clan’s homeland, slaughtering their defences and assassinating Lady Masami in her death leaving her two children to survive. 

    Eventually after the assault a man known by Hideyoshi discovers the previous carnage and mourns for the loss of another life and the burden her children have to take, in his eyes his path of bringing justice begins.

    Over time Hideyoshi goes on to murder the whole clan one by one soon leaving the leader “White Eye” to be the last, after a fierce battle and taking Hideyoshi’s arm as her final will the warrior of justice soon kills the leader leaving one thing left from the White Tail clan: Their only child.

    As recollection flashes in his eyes Hideyoshi shows mercy to the infant giving his leave having the child remain near its now dead mother.

    Soon afterwards a scout of Locusts find the child near the desceaced parent, after a moment of thinking with one another they agree to take the child and raise them as one of their own beginning a changed but tainted story...

    Inspired by White-Mantis' gorgeous insect artwork (Seriously check it out) on DeviantArt and some Shonen Anime comes the world of Changed but Tainted.

    Now this is where You come in to help this project become a reality where we need all the help we can get like animators, audio helpers and all of that for this is something we would like to become a reality and your contribution could help us out big time.

    Here are the rules you must follow to join.

    1. No potato mics or bad mic quality, it's not the best kind of mic to use.

    2. Quiet voices aren't the most acceptable kind of tone to use if you're going to audition as a loud or quite normally spoken character (Exceptions are allowed)

    3. If there are any problems with your role please message me if needed.


    More rules to be added in the future...

    Discord/Skype will be created.

    More to update soon…

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold