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    About Catfish and Y'all (Fanime) Jackson Gibson role

    My orginal voice actor for Jackson got really busy and it looks like I need a new one, sooo heres the offical description

    This show does have heavy lgbt themes soooo, prepare for the homo 

    Meet Jackson, he's always dreamed of becoming a scientist like his father, but his mother keeps wanting him to do basic jobs so he can earn money. After his twenty-first birthday Jackson gets kicked out of his house and reunites with his childhood friend, Max. Max tells him about a nearby trailer park called 'Catfish Trailer Park', but the people who live there are known to be quite different. Jackson meets up with Wayne, the owner, who provides him with free rent for month, but he needs a job. Jackson talks to one of his new neighbors, Kathy, who tells him about a local restaurant needing waiters. He gets the job but his co-worker Albert seems to be unreasonably rude and violent toward him. Everything seems normal for the trailer park, until a Russian Refugee moves and things take a dark turn.

    The main idea is to make fun of southern culture and how different it is from the rest of America. The setting takes place in Camden, a very small town located in the armpit of the south. In this universe the American Civil War never ended, until about 1994 when the collection of states called Woven destroyed the Union Capital Washington DC. Although coming to an agreement the 3 American groups, Confederate, Union, and Woven has yet to united under one rule and politic stakes are high along with racism between the three. Suddets and Yankees are popular slurs among the Union and Confederate. Imperial Canada has now become a world power after defeating Germany in The Great War.

    Characters: Jackson Gibson, Max Walton, Albert Woods, Wayne Kings, Toby McDonald, Louis Rolo, Erik Dolkabar, Kelly Wendell, Blake Wendell, Kathy Samson, Peter Horton, Alejandra Horton

    Genres: Comedy, Political-Parody, Drama, Soft Psychological-Horror

    I've gotten pretty far into the animation, like half way through soo

    If you get the part I'll need your email

    If you would like to help with anything else email me at [redacted] 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold