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Anoraworks's Previously Completed Works

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    About Creation Of My Heart //Visual Novel Game// (VOICE'S NEEDED!!!)

    Creation Of My Heart: Casting Call

    The story's description the novel


    Storyline: In the middle of England in the late 1700s, a commoner girl must work her way to the top to provide for herself and her younger sister. She gets a job as a servant for the Frankenstein Manor which belongs to a reserved and mysterious young scientist named Victor. You can grow close to him. He can grow obsessed. Will you help him create his monster or stop him at all costs? Prod and discover his secrets or stay true to your job and take care of your sister. Dance on the thin line between genius and madness in this thrilling, new rendition of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. (This story goes a lot further than what I have described).

    Amelia Caddington: (name might change) she is the player’s character: she will be yours to help and read throughout this game! She grew up in a neglectful household with her younger sister. Her family wasn't always kind with her and she tries to look for a place to work since she comes from a poor background with not much money in trying to help herself out and leave with her sister to a new place she finds someone...

    Hello everyone!! Project Frankenstein Visual Novel: is a game idea my friend has had for a long time now, she and I have made out this little casting call for anyone that would like to va/draw/sound help and so much more! we plan on making this a huge thing over time with the right team so please come on and try your luck to help make this real!!

    What I am looking for:

    Voice Actors - Please show emotion and have dedication, A good microphone. (less to no background noise). I need to be able to hear your voice loud and clear!! (payment soon to be added) 

    Script Writers - I need help with checking the scripts! if you're experienced in writing/grammar/reading. (please consider becoming a script reader!)

    Artists - draw with simple colors and soft lighting/shades or one color at most (please try to use the examples from the renaissance timeline or a flat clothes look) art is crucial for this project. (payment soon to be added) 

    Visual novel engines: If anyone knows how to work with visual novel engines or has an extra set of experience with it! The original person working with them could really use the help


    1. Must be 18+

    2. -Please be active.

    3. This is a long term dating sim project (if you cannot keep up/need to leave, let us know quickly or ahead of time!!)

    4. -No background noises or any static allowed (Keep it professional)

    5. -Put emotion around the lines. (your character needs to feel like a real person)

    6. -Must have discord!!

    About the Creator: anoraworks

    Hai there, I'm AnoraWorks! 

    I've been voice acting for about 1 year now, and joined Casting Call on this account recently! I have had so much fun with VA before with small mlp/minecraft stuff here and there like voice over and hope to be able to gain more experience in the future as I go on!  

    Range: Children/teen/Young Adult (All female)

    Gender: Female

    Audio formats: mp3

    Time Zone: EST

    Experience: 1 year of serious voice acting with people and video’s, self taught. I have been messing around with voices/ideas for 3 years now.

    if you would like to email/contact me here:


    Discord: Anora_Works#8723

    instagram: anoraworks

    Email: dm me!

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