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About Caretaker project

Hello there, Mnemosyne Polaris speaking !

This will be a project pertaining to the Caretaker-au comic !
I'm french, (so please forgive any mistake in the following text) and i've got a little youtube channel (a little over 500 subscribers) and a tumblr account (about 300 followers) where i post music for the first, and animations and paintings in the second.

For this project i'd like to combine both, and make a little animation with a music. The video would last about 2:48 min. 
The music is already composed, and i'm starting on the animation. 
But  my music lack a very large part of it ; a voice (YOUR VOICE !)

I already had one very talented singer that had accepted to fill the role i needed (and kinda imagined for their voice), but i had a fallout with their significant other, so i think it's caput on this end :/

Here is what i'll need you to do for the project ; improvise a line of singing lasting from a precise point in time to another. The first note and last few are already defined, (and i'll give them to you once you've been chosen ) but the rest of the song will be entirely up to you !

Some other infos you need to know/things you need to have 
- a clean mic
- If you are chosen, we will need to be in contact rather a lot, so having a Discord, Skype, or Tumblr AND an email is necessary. 
- The time frame i put in this project is the max they authorized me ; you will have much more time to do it (I need to finish the animation after all ^^).

- When the music will be published, you will be ;

     x Tagged in the tumblr post if you have an account (if you have not, i'll put a link to one of your social media account)
     x Credited in the video itself
     x Credited in the description of the YT video plus one or more link to your website, social medias etc.
     x Credited on soundcloud + a link to one social media of your choice

But what is the project ?
It's going to be a small animation, in a realistic painting style, with a certain likeliness to what you can see in World of Warcraft Legion's animatics (more notably the Illidari scene). The pitch is simple ;  Chara will transport the dead body of one of the kids found in the first room to the barrier. The music will accompany this ; and your voice will represent the kid's soul, following Chara !

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold