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    About Project Callum

    Callum is a Sci-fi/fantasy Visual Novel. (With hint of romance) 

    And here is a description for the plot (without burning anything important): Two empires rule equal halves of the world with equal power. Both empires are blessed by different spirits: life and death. Verchen, the cyborgs, were blessed by Death and Twilight. The empire of Mulican, humans by nature, has been embraced by the the spirits of Life and Morality. The Emperor of Verchen, Emperor Chaise, desires to redeem his nation and free them from eternal damnation. In order to achieve this goal, the Emperor arranged a marriage between his son, Callum, and one of the Emperor of Mulican's daughter on the stipulation that the Prince is able to woo one of the daughters.Callum grew up despising his homeland. Everyday he has questioned why his wretched nation exists. Prince Callum despises the title of "Prince" and loathes the idea of being the next Emperor for the nation of twilight. When Prince Callum's father told him of the marriage, it only reinforced his anger towards his country and was infuriated at his father's complete lack of care for what he wanted. The Princesses of Mulican were also disgusted by him at their first meeting, to add onto the already mounting issues of the stressed Prince. However, some issues arise that cause Callum to temporarily halt this pursuit -- ones that will likely alter the course of his People for generations to come if he is to fail.The Prince of Twilight does not believe he will be able to fulfill his father's request or even bring himself to attempt it full-heartedly but he knows the consequences of his actions if he fails: exile. The main question is this: does Callum fulfill his father's requests or will he abandon his nation and his people?

    (More roles will be uploaded soon, now only important roles are uploaded)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold