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Lemonade's Previously Completed Works

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    About Call the Mirai Audios

    We are looking for
    - Voice actors
    - Script writers
    - Illustrators
    - Editors (audio and/or video)

    Call the Mirai is an imaginary jpop idol group of seven high school girls. The group works under a famous entertainment agency, but they are yet to debut. Before dropping their first single the girls are determined to find as many fans as they can.

    Once the roles are decided the group will be publishing audios to the official tumblr site. They can be general introductions and voice messages, reader inserts, podcasts or almost anything, depending on what the actors want to do. There are no requirements on how each character's voice should sound like, you can audition for each one if you want to!

    The voice actors' job is to capture the character's personality as well as they can. I have already written some scripts for possible audios but at least one extra writer would be useful to split the work in half, maybe you would want to write only podcasts, fro example. Illustrators are optional but because my own drawing skills aren't the best anyone with more experience could make some awesome concept art. Editors are really important to perfect the audio quality so if you have any clue how to use basic softwares, contact me!

    Please note that I want to make this a real thing and therefore I hope you can really dedicate some time to this project.

    Quick rules

    - Please make sure you have a gmail address. We will use Google's services to communicate and share any scripts.
    - The quality of your audio (audition and everything else) should be nice to listen to. This means you should minimize all the background noises. Think what you would like to listen to.
    - Be fair to everyone. Do not hate anyone and use your common sense. We are a big family
    - I hope this doesn't happen, but if you want to stop working with the project, inform me and others about it ASAP. Changes in the line-up will cause complications so the sooner you tell your intentions the better we can sort out the problems. I can't force you to stay but I want to keep things easy for everyone.
    - If you have to take a break for a while (say, a two week long holiday with no wifi) tell about it. There's no need to sweat it, we just want to know why you aren't answering to any mail.
    - The main thing is to have fun. That's why I hope you always tell your own opinion. No one will eat you for that :D

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold