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Caissa's Previously Completed Works

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    About Caïssa ♛ Chess-Themed Chorus Group

    Check out the audition document as well: https://goo.gl/7JqDdR

    JOIN OUR DISCORD CHAT! https://discord.gg/AsRpNXk

    Welcome to Caïssa, a world full of black-and-white and checkmates. We are a chorus group based off of Chess. “Caïssa” is the goddess of Chess, and we are her kingdom. We are linked through soul and mind, and through every world...we are still connected.

    - - -

    Hi everyone! My name is Chiho, and I’m the main organizer, host, leader, whatever you want to call me for this project. We are based off of chess but in each song we sing, we are in a different universe! All songs will be told with a story, and each story will link together in some way.


    Auditions will be sent through THIS form and this form only!

    ♟ Communication Will be through Discord! Which means you must have a discord.

    ♟ All singers must have a USB microphone. I will not accept singers who uses phone or computer mics.

    ♟ Kindness can go a long way. You have three warnings, keep it in mind.

    DEADLINES MUST BE MET. YOU HAVE A TOTAL OF (5) PASSES BEFORE I KICK YOU OUT OF THE GROUP. I will excuse someone for tardiness only if I’m given a week's notice in advanced.

    ♟ Feel free to have fun, get a little weird and be stupid. But take this group seriously. If you plan to join, then you better be up for it. Contribute to the chat, suggest song choices, do the best you can to get yourself involved!

    You MUST sing this song in order for your audition to be considered. Please follow the script according to the role(s) you want to audition for!

    ♟ You must provide other samples of you singing in JAPANESE.  It should be :30 seconds long, at the very minimum. I will accept the minimum of (2) and maximum of (5). You are allowed to send in mixed vocals, but (2) samples should be raw.

    ♟If auditioning for Pawns: Just send in samples of your work to @caissachorus on twitter.  YOU’RE ALLOWED TO DOUBLE UP AS PAWN + VOCAL ROLE. You’ll just be listed as the role you vocally auditioned for.

    Artists should have (1) full body fully sketched, lined and colored and (1) Chibi example. Other samples of art will be accepted as well.

    Animators should have (1) video snippet at least :45 seconds long.

    Mixers should have (2) solo mixes, (1) duet mix and (1) chorus mix. All should be around :30 seconds to 1:30 minutes.

    About the Creator: caissa

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold