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    About C L A N N A D | F A N D U B

    Heya, everyone~ potato-tan here. I'm hosting a small fandub audition thing. Right now, I'm currently looking for a small amount of people who are willing to work with me in this fandub of one of my most FAVORITE anime. I'm aware that there is a English Dub ( who doesn't know that ), but I like practicing with voices and having fun and I hope to do that here! Although I'm not picky nor that big on being too critical, I do have a few rules that I would LOVE to be taken into consideration so that both you and I can have a good understanding of each other and the roles and positions that are available in this fandub. 


    ▹mic quality - I would greatly appreciate if you can avoid sending in lines with too much background noise. I'm not asking for dead silence, but refrain from sending audio in that has fuzzy sounds that cloud over your own voices. Makes things quiiite difficult. This does NOT mean I am prohibiting people from sending lines even though you might not have the best quality. I enjoy listening to voices and I would hate to refrain you from doing something you'd like to try and do. YOU ARE WARNED, THOUGH. Audio quality does play a determinating factor in later casting.


    ▹kindness - Why I definately don't mind if you hate the potato juice out of me, please don't take it out on other people. Not here at least. ( I would prefer not at all but well I would also prefer it to rain money but you know how that is. ) No harrassing other people with negative comments or feedback. Critic is fine, but keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere and no one was born perfect. So douchebaggyness should deeefinately be kept at a minimum. 

    ▹participation - Things come up, I know. I have a buuuusy life as well - barely having time to do the things I want because of work and real life issues and such. I understand that, but please come into this audition knowing that I would LIKE to get this thing done and out to the public so PLEASE with a cherry on the top, BE DEDICATED. I'll give a date in which I would like everything done to the chosen cast. If you can help it, try and send things on time or within the necessary date. I WILL be keeping an eye out on TWO voices - the one cast as the character and a possible understudy. I don't like replacing people, but I have to do what I have to do so please understand that coming into this.

    ▹enthusiasm - This is CLANNAD one of the most popular visual novel based animes around. I'm not asking you to sound exactly like the voice actors/actresses, but put your BEST foot forward. Become the character even if just for a moment. 

    ▹HAVE FUN - Don't get side tracked and talk about your dinner, but enjoy yourself. I'm not looking for perfection, just something that has chemistry and nothing says chemistry more than being natural. Be just that. You can screw up. It happens. Just have fun with it.


    ▹If you are not comfortable with putting your audition online for the public here, please message me and I'll send you my email so you can send it via there. ^^ Graci~

    ▹ There are, in total, FIVE scenes that I am doing. Each take place in After Story.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold