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    About BTD 6 Story Mode (Recasting)

    Project details:

    If you haven't heard of BTD 6 before then let me fill you in. Btd 6 is a tower defense game made by ninja kiwi. I love this game and all of the games before it. Now I wanted to make my own little story using the towers and heros from the game. I am also in desperate need of VA's so even if you don't think you're good enough, atleast try!

    Story details:

    This story takes place in a little town called Monkey city! (While not being a city) Monkey city is home to legendary heros,

    Quincy the Archer
    Gwendolin the Pyromaniac
    Striker Jones the Artillery Commander
    Obyn Greenfoot the Forest Guardian
    Pat fusty the Giant Monkey
    Captain Churchill the Tank
    Benjamin the Coder
    Ezili the Voodoo Monkey

    The heros are teachers at monkey academy, a place where monkeys become heros. Through-out the story the heros will be teaching the monkeys about the bloons and how to take them down!

    The monkeys are:

    Dart Monkey
    Boomerang Monkey
    Ice Monkey
    Glue Gunner
    Sniper Monkey
    Monkey Sub
    Monkey Buccaneer
    Monkey Ace
    Heli Pilot
    Mortar Monkey
    Wizard Monkey
    Super Monkey
    Ninja Monkey

    All the monkeys will be going to school with each other, trying to earn a title as a hero.

    Can the monkeys save their town, Can they become heros, Can they overcome the bloons?


    -Good mic quality and low background noise. It feels really out of place if one monkey has a good voice but in the same scene another monkey has a low quality and a bunch of background noise.

    -You can apply for as many roles as you wish.

    -You don't have to be a fan of BTD 6 at all, you don't even need knowledge of it.

    -This project will most likely progress on for a good little bit, you have to be willing to go the full way.

    -Must be able to hit deadlines, deadlines will be delayed if your unable to record.

    -Leave discord in audition

    -Have fun! :D

    The monkeys are genderless although they look more on the male side, but just keep in mind im not looking for any gender for any monkey.

    The lines for the audition are not lines used from the story.

    Also, some audition lines might sound like there being portrayed as one gender over another. But don't worry if you apply for say boomerang monkey, like they are "dart's bro" but if a girl gets the role the story will be changed so they are "dart's sis" etc.

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