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    About Broken Worlds - A Minecraft Adventure Map By Interlaced Minds.

    Hello there! This is a message from BhunaBoy Director of Interlaced MInds


    Kylee, the casting director for the Interlaced Minds Map Making group:

    A new, professional Minecraft Mapmaking Group.

    Minecraft Mapmaking?

    Mapmaking is a term people from the minecraft community use to describe custom worlds or MAPS. Technology both using 3rd party programs and in game has risen to such a level that creators can use minecraft not as a game but a game creator.

    Skilled and Professional Creators can control Story, Visuals, Sound and Music, whilst completely redefining the game’s mechanics, visual style and even  genre!

    So it can very easily compare to creating a video game, but using a slightly unique software.

    Our Team

    Interlaced Minds is a skilled group with 30+ members working efficiently and creatively. And we want to branch out and utilise the very skilled group of voice actors in this community

    Our Project

    Interlaced Minds is creating an original dystopian/sci-fi story based adventure, focusing on realism, adventure, characters, immersion and emotion.

    Broken Worlds

    Broken worlds is the working title of the universe we have created. Each map will focus in on a specific time, location and character to tell an interesting story whilst also tying to the whole timeline.

    Broken worlds is a universe set in the not so distant future of earth, with dwindling resources, a fractured and broken world, an oppressive and corrupt government and the story of individual survivors in this changed and alien world.

    Over the years larger, stronger countries began to absorb smaller, weaker ones leading to huge global powers being formed across the globe.

    With sea levels rising, global disasters becoming frequent and millions displaced from their homes, global tensions and thirst for resources culminated in the 3rd biggest war of human history: World War 3.

    Only leaving the world even more destroyed and its resources becoming scarcer Weapons and technology surged forward massively, but chemical warfare worldwide released rare and dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere.

    This caused the greenhouse layer to become infested with this bizarre chemical compounds, which amplified the sun's waves, radiating the planet below in events called “solar flares”

    These bursts of radiation passed through the thin barrier of the skull, warping and mutating animal and humans brains, turning their eyes a red pigment, dubbing the worldwide problem “Red Eye”

    Inflicted creatures, saw their intelligence drop, but their primal savagery and hunting instinct multiply as well as physical properties enhanced.

    These creatures would deal wanton death and destruction throughout the globe, forcing the already isolated and broken communities to retreat behind walled towns and defensive compounds, leaving vast areas uninhabited and lawless.

    Governments fractured and power was lost, until a rogue undercover organisation called MIGHT, with operatives that were hidden within the world's governments, rose up and overthrew the weak alliances and coalitions that failed to maintain order.

    This they replaced with their merciless iron grip on the world.

    Originally a noble cause, wanting to cure the world of its problems: Climate Change, The Red Eye, the organisation was corrupted with the lust for power and greed, becoming another overbearing dictatorship, except with absolute power and worldwide resources.

    “Endless Fields” or “Fire in Autumn”

    These are the working titles of our current project, set just after the MIGHT revolution, following the adventure of an average man, trying to survive out on his childhood farm in the lawless wilderness of California. But his world is overturned when he lets his heart get the better of him, harbouring a MIGHT fugitive, leading his family and livelihood burnt to the ground by MIGHT forces. He begins a quest of revenge, tracking down the ultimate killer, passing through wild and dangerous lands, striking unlikely friendships and getting bogged down in tricky relationships and tensions because of his kindly heart, but ultimately staying focused on his burning desire for revenge.

    This will be the first map in a trilogy and main characters will be present throughout all three.


    We estimate the playtime will be 2-3 hours. Within this there are hundreds of characters, thousands of lines, as well as lots of variations in dialogue because of player choices, dialogue options and pivotal plot points.

    However there will be a core cast of a dozen or so characters,


    1. To keep track of all actors, we would prefer for accepted applicants to join our discord server.

    2. Clean mic, great quality; We don’t want any background noise except your voice :D

    3. Be serious, this project may take a lot of time to complete and we will need you to follow with us.

    4. If you are casted here, you will continue with us to the other maps, as the same characters are in the other maps, meaning the voice should stay the same.

    5. With all seriousness, just have fun voice acting!

    Now check out the characters below.

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