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Fear's Previously Completed Works

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About Breaking the Beast (YouTuber Audiobook)


I'm Fear Itself and I'm the author of Breaking the Beast! What started off as a joke idea for a MrBeast fanfic quickly took it's own form with a now much more serious plot behind it and a small dedicated group of fans. The goal of turning the story into an audiobook is to help expand the reach of the story and make it more accessible to new fans. The story itself is complete and small edits will be made throughout the production of the audiobook and book 2.

What's It About?

Breaking the Beast follows YouTuber MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, and the aftermath of being kidnapped and blackmailed by the Indian mafia group D-Company on request of T-Series CEO Bhushan Kumar. Despite having gone missing for two whole weeks, he manages to convince his friends he simply went on a road trip to clear his head since he was threatened with the harm of his loved ones if he didn't keep his mouth shut. But being forced to deal with trauma in silence never did anyone any good and his facade began to crack. When Chandler gets close to getting the truth out of him he has to disappear for good, for everyone's safety. No one around to watch his own back but himself, what happens when he's too weak against a looming threat?

Who Out Of My Favorite YouTuber's Are On The Rooster?

  • MrBeast
  • Other MrBeast Members - Among these, Chris and Chandler are main characters while Garret, Marcus, his brother CJ, and other MrBeast staff are side characters
  • Quackity, Aka Alexis - The other main character, he takes on a protective role when Jimmy's at his lowest. Him and MrBeast have collabed before on Quackity's channel for Discord's Got Talent 3 and the finale episode.
  • A few other YouTuber's such as Jschlatt, Junky Janker, KSI and the Sidemen range from side characters to minor characters. 

What Do I Need To Join?

  • Discord - It's the main communication hub, the place where you'd submit your work, and receive instructions/deadlines so it's imperative you have access to it.
  • Working Mic - All meetings will be done through VC so having a working mic is useful. If you aren't the narrator it doesn't have to be great, so long as we can understand you.
  • Dedication - The main falling out of previous projects is the lack of commitment. Please only audition if you are certain you can meet deadlines and make time for meetings.

About the Creator: Fear

Hey! I'm Fear Itself but some may know me by older names. I'm the author of Breaking the Beast and have written other fanfiction in the past. Fanfiction has a negative stigma around it and with my content, I want to help destroy it. Taking fics to other more "professional" mediums and making quality fics more well known is part of my long term goal.  

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold