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Ol I V Er's Previously Completed Works

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    About Incomplete | A Minecraft Roleplay | Need Body/Voice Actors

    What is this series going to be about?
    This project is going to be a Minecraft role-play about
    a boy who is just trying to figure out who he is.
    Have you worked on any other projects?
    I have worked on another project called Cizania. Me and the person, Galaxy, who are currently working on Incomplete started up a roleplay a while back. It was about a group of children who lived in a world full of creatures found in story books, corrupted beasts, and some what ordinary humans. We didn't get to finish it since the person running the server lost contact with us, but now we're all set and ready to go!
    What is the story line / back story?

    1. In early 1975, The MeadowBrook High School of Arts was established. This exuberant school was eventually occupied by a group of students. They all had different qualities, except one. The interest in the arts. After those students graduated, more started to flood in. Beautiful paintings began to fill the school walls. Recently, in late 2018 a group came into the school. Some had been to the school before, but some were new. Either way, they would change the school for better… or worse.   

    What platform will the series be posted on?
    This project will be put on Youtube whenever we finish an episode, trailer, etc..
    This series is intended to last two seasons.
    We require our Voice actors to get their lines in 5 days after they
    receive their script. 

    To join you MUST have a Skype or Discord.
    You almost must have a decent mic. Meaning little to no background noise and we should be able to hear your voice clearly. No muffle.

    We are looking for people within the age of the role so if the character
    is described to have a deep raspy voice and you do not have said deep raspy voice, please do not audition.

    We need someone who is willing to help us with script writing, so if you could DM us some of your previous works that would be nice.
    We are looking for body actors as well so if you want to do that just DM me your skype and I'll add you to our group (:.
    If you have any questions DM on this site.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold