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About Boss Lamb

Characters Created and Approved by.


This is an Adult Furry Comic Dub. If the subject matter of sex bothers you in anyway you can leave, I understand.


#1. Always have a clear HQ microphone. (No low quality microphones please)

#2. No Background noises! (No bumps, static, hums, or air hissing noises in the background) This is why I recommend a Pop Filter which also applies to Rule #3.

#3. All mics must include e a Pop Filter. (It really helps with suppressing Microphone
bumps, whenever you do P's or B's or when you Emphasize certain words)

#4. Stay in Character, focus your energy into your role and acting. (In other words put yourself into the Character's shoes, BE the character)

#5. You'll get ‘one chance to make a redo. If your first audition wasn't quite what I had in mind and/or if you feel like you want to try again, thereby realized you could've done a better job, I’ll grant you a 2nd chance to prove yourself and give you constructive feedback of what you need to improve.

#6. Use a Skype or Discord. We can call and chat for practice line readings, deliver back and fourth dialogue readings, and make other added additions to the rather small cast in this story.

#7. Comfortable enough to voice in adult material (Moaning for example)

Summary for "Boss Lamb"
Based on a series of Posts (Written, Drawn, and Created by hladilnik) . 

Boss lamb. Mob boss. Lover. Mother. She’s the best there is at what she can do, all that in sheep’s clothing. She knows what she wants and gets it as she sets her eyes on an average joe as their one night stand turns into something “special.” We’re seeing the day in the life of two people from different worlds meeting for the first time and having a sweet and meaningful sex life outside of work.

While the entire Posts contains some sexual adult material I appreciate the story it tells. It's a great character study as it shows layers you'd not expect with the titular character. While the sexual activity will be awkward to some, it does keep you engaged, be invested and even arouse you in ways that you might not expect.

I felt outta all the usual NSFW comics/posts I felt this thing I want to do justice and make this comic dub in a way of a "Sexy Hitman Thriller" (Without the Hitman Stuff . If that makes any since)  If anyone is cool with giving some characters some depth and brave enough to fake sexy moans, welcome on board.

Original posts

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold