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Af's Previously Completed Works

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    About Blurghsome Screenwriters Needed

    If you would also like to try out as an Extra (Ex. Raiders, News Reporters, Civilians, Extras, etc.), go here!


    What happens when you fought so hard to get something that you wanted until somebody else came in and crushed it in front of your very face? This is a story about one turn of events, where a Utopia, was transformed into a living hell.

    The story is about a group of survivors that goes out and tries to find out the significant cause of why the Utopia fell, find a way to bring it back, and most importantly, to find out who exactly caused this.

    I don't have any animators currently, and I'm not planning on to hire any right now, (maybe an animatic sometime soon..?)so for now; this will be one of those audio-drama videos with nice backgrounds, music, SFX, and subtitles. 

    I need a few couple of screenwriters, doesn't have to be the best, at least pretty decent, to help me create scripts for each episode, considering that I can't write most of the time because of my somewhat busy life, so I need a small group of screenwriters to help me. This is an unpaid project, so I'm sorry if you were expecting payment.

    I'm planning to have one season with about 16 episodes, if it feels a bit successful(not popular, but great), and the crew members would like to continue, then a 2nd season might be made.

    This is NOT a one-time thing, I will probably need you in future episodes.


    1. A Skype and/or Discord so I can communicate and explain with you about the stories for each episode
    • A Gmail so you can send in the scripts in a shared drive
    1. A great mind with imagination and can bring these stories to life.
    1. A flexible schedule
    1. Comedic, a bit of Bildungsroman, Dark, a bit of Slapstick, Post-Apocalyptic,  a bit of Horror, Intense, and a bit of Action Genre Writing (no crude humor or immature humor, unless I say so)
    1. Must be descriptive on what you are writing, include on how they are saying in a sentence, background noises, etc..

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold