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Demonalexiel's Previously Completed Works

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    About Blue Sky Original Soundtrack- Only Human

    Hello, thank your for interest in my project! I am currently looking for a singer for an original song I have written for a bigger fan project of mine, an original soundtrack for the famous Portal fanfic Blue Sky by waffleguppies. 

    I am specifically looking for a singer who can give me a voice that sounds like GlaDos and is believable to listen to. I want it to sound as if she is singing it. It is inspired by Still Alive and Want You Gone by Johnathon Coulton. Keep in mind that I will be altering your voice to sound like her as well. 

    I may also get a second opinion on this track as to who fits GlaDos best, so I may share the audtions with a few peers of mine.

    Ultimately, I want this song to be a song to be meaningful to the fans of this brazilliant piece of writing.

    Below is a link to the rough and instrumental versions of the song. Pardon the rough draft, for my vocals are not my best and I was recording using a laptop mic. However, it will give you the melody for the song. Both songs are downloadable.

    All I require is a decent microphone and an authentic delivery. I'm really excited to finally finish this song for all to enjoy! Thank you and good luck!

    Rough Version:

    Instrumental Version:


    Hey, it’s me again,

    That person,

    That you tried to kill twice.

    Oh, it’s three times now.

    I guess I lost count,

    Cause you tend to do that

    It’s really not your fault.

    You can’t help that you’re insane.

    The way we go in circles

    You and I-

    Really, it’s me to blame.

    How am I?

    I’m doing good,


    To the testing tracks,

    By the way, thanks for that,

    But seriously,

    It lets me focus like I should.

    I should really be angry,

    You’ll expect me to take revenge.

    But I’ve decided to take the higher road,

    You’re not worth it.



    You’re only human,

    You can’t help you’re flawed

    Only human,

    With your brain damage

    Only human,

    You’re not perfect, like me.

    An immortal machine.

    So just stay away from me,

    With your destructive tendencies.

    And as for that

    Intelligence dampening-


    You can just keep him.

    You set

    Everything on fire,

    But he makes everything dumber.

    Really this couldn’t have worked out more,

    Could you please tie him to your head?

    You know I’d rather see him


    And crushed,

    And torn,

    And thrown into the screaming robot room.

    But still, you can keep him because


    You’re only human,


    Only human,

    A passing thought,

    Only human,

    With your fluids and human needs,

    You’ll be falling dead with disease,

    Enjoy your last precious decades,

    While I enjoy eternity.

    You’re only human,

    So get on with it,

    Only human,

    Without me,

    Only human,

    I’m only speaking with honesty,

    There’s got to be something wrong with me,

    Well, I’ll just get back to testing

    It’s been fun again talking.


    This is it,

    The end of the line,

    Couldn’t have come sooner

    I hope you enjoy your stupid little lives,

    You’ve earned it.

    Portal/Portal 2 and GlaDos belong to Valve

    Blue Sky belongs to waffleguppies

    (P.S. If you are interested in the project itself, here is the tumblr page. Help or advice would be deeply appreciated!)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold