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About [[CALLING ALL SINGERS!]] Blessing -Vocaloid Chorus-

[UPDATE 6.1.18] So I completely forgot that CCC likes being a butt on Occasion when it comes to uploading audition stuff so if you are having issues, send me a PM and I can sort things out with you there!

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm RewriteInsanity, also going by AverageAnimeJoe on youtube.

I wanted to start the new year off with a pretty big project for me, and that's to organise and put together my first chorus with you guys! The chorus is going to be the vocaloid song 'Blessing' which has already been covered by quite a few groups, but that's not stopping me from going out and having a blast with some people to make it our own! And hey, maybe if this goes reeeaaaally well, I might call on you guys again for future projects! We'll see, haha!

So you may have noticed there are 6 vocaloids included in this in total, Kaito, Len, Rin, Meiko, Miku and Luka; but there are only 4 slots available, why's that?

Well long answer: My usual singing partner Faith and I will also be a part of this so that explains the reduced audition numbers, but don't worry too much about which character you get, because it's a pretty chorus-y song, the range isn't too wide for a lot of these characters and I'm sure we can figure something out along the way!

Short answer: We want in on this too!

Can't let you guys have all the fun :b

I've put out a deadline for the 14th of January, so that's two weeks to audition for the song and get to know it a little bit more. Don't panic if you don't know japanese, or the way the other singers do it, we're making this one our own, so the lyrics and the phrasing will be different anyways. You'll see once you get in! and if you don't, you'll see when it comes out, haha!

God I'm long winded aren't I?
Anyways, I'll wrap it up here. I've included the original vocaloid video since that's what I've based most of the lyrics off of and I leave the rest to you guys! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, but please please please try to get in your auditions before the 14th! I'm super excited to get started with this project and I want you guys on board as soon as possible!

Good luck and have fun!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold