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    About Blazblue: Slice of Life (Rachel Alucard Audition)

    Hey guys! My name is DEEsidia, but you can call me Dee!

    I am a writer/ comedian. I am well known for my work on Re:Zero Abridged, How to Train Your Dragon | Miss Kobayashi Abridged and Blazblue: Slice of Life. Which is what this audition thread is for!

    Project Information:

    The series Blazblue: Slice of Life is an animation parody series using the assets from Blazblue's "Teach Me! Miss Litchi!". It takes the existing character's traits to a whole new level. Ragna being the absolute straight man, Jin being as weird and questionable than ever, Noel being a foul mouthed aggressive asshole, Tsubaki being able to get so mad she destroys the world and Hazama being... Hazama.

    The story follows the adventures of the Blazblue cast in their everyday ridiculous antics. Y'know, recreating the birth of baby Jesus with Noel, Tsubaki causing a continuum shift destroying time and space, Ragna and Hazama going into alternate dimensions, the list goes on. This series started a few years ago to accompany another series of mine, Blazblue: Another Memory, but has now grown strong enough to be a series on its own that will carry on for a long time. Everyone apart of this project is like a kind of family and love the project dearly. So now I'm looking for capable voice actors to fill in a vacant role to bring life to another member of the cast.

    Production Expectations

    I'm fun loving to an extreme, but I still bring a professional work ethic to my projects. So I'm quite strict with my voice actors when necessary. So here are my conditions

    • Decent quality microphones. No webcam or internal microphones. Anything of low standards will be passed over immediately.

    • Must have some acting experience. It doesn't matter if you can do the voice if you cannot convince the audience that you are the character. Again, anything of low standards will be passed over immediately.

    • Should moderately know the source material (Blazblue) to some extent. If not, then that is alright.

    • Skype and/ or Discord is crucial. It is crucial that you have at least one of these as line directing is always required. Sometimes we do group readings too to build relationships with each other. So keep that in mind.

    • Must be punctual with lines. I usually ask for lines for Slice of Life in 9-10 days after the script is given. Each episode is short and is not too time consuming. But I'm well aware of the fact that people are busy sometimes, so I'm usually a pushover and give an extension of four days most of the time.

    • Everything in Slice of Life is 18+ humor, so there can be jokes about controversial issues, slight racism, violence, social commentary, nature that may or may not be politically correct and just absolute nonsense. So yea, you have been warned.

    • Must be able to bring life into the character and give a believable performance. I'm not specifically asking for a carbon copy of the original English VA's, I personally ask for you to at least try to avoid that. I prefer YOUR interpretation, as it allows you to bring your personality and skill forward. They are not the same characters you're used to seeing, so different interpretations of their voice and delivery of lines will show your creativity and also acting capabilities. So sometimes research on your character is required.

    • Dedication and passion towards the project. VA's who actually enjoy and put effort into the project usually give out the best performances. It's not really required but it would be in everyone's best interest if you enjoyed what you were doing with your role.

    • Overall, should be able to integrate with the group and other cast members. We're all fun loving and entertaining people. Getting to know other voice actors and the directors to build that relationship makes the project all the more fun for everyone.

    This is a project for everyone to enjoy, so bringing the right attitude to the project would be great. Audition wise, I'd like three takes of each line. If you want to ad-lib to show creativity, then that will give you more of a chance of getting the role. Alrighty I won't go on for any longer, I put to much in here already. So if there are any other questions, feel free to private message me or hit me up on Discord at DEEsidia#3025
    My Youtube Channel

    Latest episode of Blazblue: Slice of Life

    Even if you don't want to audition, it would be great if you shared this with other voice actors to widen the search. I don't want brilliant voice actors to miss auditioning for something that MAY want to voice in. I use "may" to not sound too pretentious. Thanks for reading this long description! Good luck to everyone auditioning!

    If you are given the role, please make sure you give me your contact information in private message or either in the comments.

    About the Creator: deesidia

    I am a voice actor and director of an animated series Blazblue: Slice of Life. I have done various parodies in the past, mostly known for Re:Zero Abridged.

    Appeared in theatre performances in London and Birmingham. Online, I voiced in the anime Chronexia and the Eight Seals and played Socrates.

    I am a voice actor who strives for improvement. I've mostly been casted for parodies but am free for other sources of media.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold