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Eatsyoucreepy's Previously Completed Works

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    About BiBi English Covers

    I'm copying and pasting the majority of the description so if you want to just skip it after reading once well... I'd reccomd it 

    Hi! I'm NeoN, no idea if you know me or not but well if you do; Hi friend! If not; Let's be friends.

    Okay so cheesy introductions out the way;

    I reaaaallllyyyy want to do covers of the Muse subunit songs! (And Aqours but I'll do them later)

    I have finished lyrics for most of the songs, although some I wrote quite a long time ago and may not be the best so contribution is greatly appreciated!

    I'm not sure how frequent the deadlines are going to be, at this point in time I'm planning to do very simple videos so they may be as short as 2 weeks or even every week. But it'll all depend on the other two trios and everyones schedules. And I am willing to cast someone in more than one trio but I will try and give everyone a chance.

    If you want an example of how my voice sounds be free to go check out my other auditions, I have 76 at the time of writing. Most of which are accapella. And you don't need to sound like the characters really at all, just audition for your favourite!

    As previously mentioned; most lyrics are already completed but contribution is appreciated and I'm planning to just do very simple videos. I'm just planning on posting these on my channel but am more than willing to let you post some to your channels too! As for mixing; I'll also take responsibility for that unless someone wants to take that power away from me. I'll also make timing and harmony guides to assist you :3

    I don't have too many requirements; for communication we'll see what suits everyone best but it will most likely end up as Skype or discord, mic wise so long as you can be clearly heard with little background noise it should be fine! (Phone microphones are okay too!)

    My only main requirement is activeness; as I said I do plan on having videos out quite frequently, I wont be crazy strict on deadlines if you have a valid excuse but if you're just lazy and don't think you could send in recordings frequently then this trio isn't for you.

    I think thats it except the only role unavailable is Nico who I will be playing. 

    Good luck and have fun! I'm really excited to see everyone's auditions!

    And icon credit to @llsifnstuff on Twitter!

    About the Creator: eatsyoucreepy

    Hi! I'm NeoN! I'm prepetually trapped in idol hell and have a very annoying accent that apparently some people adore. If you ever need me or have a recommendation for me you can either send me a message or email me at [redacted]

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold