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Lvt101's Previously Completed Works

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    About Best Broken Friends (Webcomic)

    This is a story I wrote that I personally would love to make into a webcomic. This is the one I want to start with to get my name out there, and if you are willing, yours too. I have zero artistic ability, but I have been told my stories are unique and really keep people reading. So, I wanted to make it into something more visual. Something more people would be willing to read.

    Plot: The plot is based around three childhood friends, one girl and two boys. They are the only three kids their age in their tiny neighborhood. That was until Jasmine's two best friends get accepted to study abroad in Britain. As sad as she was, she remained happy for them. Years go by, Jasmine is now in her senior year of high school. Making new friends, and even a little crush on a new male friend. Once word gets to her that her two childhood friends Robert and Kaleb are returning, nothing could describe her excitement. But upon seeing them again, something felt off. Their innocent little boy eyes have turned into this scared yet demonic tone. Come to find out, one is after blood while the other just wants to protect. What happened while they were away?

    Warnings: Contains blood, violence, psychological trauma, hints of child abuse

    Thank you so much for being interested in advance!

    And if you love working with me, I would love it if we could eventually make future projects together!

    About the Creator: LVT101

    I have been writing since I was little. Though not all came out great, I still felt passionate about them nonetheless. Writing soon became my outlet once life began to drop all its weight upon my shoulders. It made me happy, I was in control of my own world and my own characters. I fell in love with who they became to be. I have taken hit after hit of criticism. Deep down, I would love people to love my work as much as I do, but another part of me just doesn't care. So now, I would love to do so through other methods. I'm pulling myself out of my comfort zone and finally going to show my work to the world someday.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold