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About Bendy and the Ink Machine! The Fan-Made Musical!

The actual name of the project is "Bendy! The Musical!" But for sake of filters I am putting it down as "Bendy and the Ink Machine" in the title so people know for sure what it is.

Anyways, I have been writing a few fansongs in the style of musical theater based on the events in BATIM and thought: "Hey, why not make this a real musical" so here we are. This project won't be done until at least a few weeks or months after the last chapter is released, so I will probably be adding more characters as time goes on. 
A note on Sammy: He is cast already as I am playing him. He is still listed however so people know he is in the musical.
A note on New Characters: If any more important characters come into play during chapter 4 and 5 I will add them in here as soon as possible.
AGE REQUIREMENTS: Please be at least 16 or turning 16 within six months if you want to be a main character. If you would like to be in ensemble, please be at least 12 or turning 12 within six months. I may make some exceptions if I feel your voice is good enough. Please message me first if you want to audition but aren't in the age range so I am aware of your age when I am considering your audition. I put no age limits however on animators and composers that audition, I just ask that you be mature and professional.
As I don't have any song demos yet, I won't ask you to sing a song I wrote for it. Instead I will ask that you pick a Broadway (or Disney if you don't know enough Broadway) song that fits your character in your audition. No backing tracks please! I want to hear just your amazing voices!
For your monologue, if you want to do one of the audio logs from your character, I won't stop you! That'd be pretty cool actually.
So, yea. That's most of what you need to know. Good luck to all auditioners, break a leg, have fun!

Character Voice Ranges (These are listed in character descriptions, but just to make it easier for anyone wanting to know before checking each character, here's a list. Ensemble can be any voice range. Some characters gang, could be
Sopranos: Alice/Allison, Strike
Mezzo Sopranos: Striker (There need to be more female roles so I can give more Mezzo roles out :P)
Altos: Alice/Susie, Piper
Tenors: Henry, Bendy, Sammy, Shawn, Wally, Piper
Baritones: Joey, Boris, Sammy, Projectionist/Norman, Thomas, Fisher
Basses: Grant, Thomas, Fisher

Roles that still need to be cast (as of 12/30/17):
Boris, Norman/Projectionist, Thomas, Grant, Shawn, Wally, Fisher, AND LOTS OF ENSEMBLE!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold