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    About Behind The Scenes Help Needed For Minecraft Roleplay

    Hello, My name is Hannah and I am starting a Minecraft Roleplay. I would suggest watching the video, but I'll cover everything here.

    What jobs do we need?

    - Script Writers
    - Builders
    - Skin Makers
    - Audio help / Video maker

    What about Voice Actors?

    Yes, We will need Voice Actors, just not now. This project is just in the making, and no characters have been developed. When we get closer to the final project (Everytng has been built, scripts for multiple episodes, skins have been made etc.) then we will start casting for voice actors. If you would like to voice act for this series, subscribe to my YouTube channel and await the video that says "voice actors needed." Also, anybody who works behind the scenes CAN audition for voice acting, and will be credited two times in the description!

    Will I be credited? 

    Heck Yes!


    - You MUST have Discord. If you do not have discord, it's free to download :) There will be a chat with all the creators and, soon, voice actors to chat, have fun and talk about the role play. 
    - I prefer if you were above the age of 11 and not an adult :). I'm a teen, so working with adults could be kind of weird. But as long  as your in that space of age, I really don't care. 
    - Do not start Drama. If you do, I will remove you from the chat as soon as I find out, re-cast for your job and block you. So be nice :).
    - Builders HAVE TO HAVE MINECRAFT. Having Minecraft is not a must, but if you would like to play any games with other people in the chat, go ahead. I might even record a video with the creators :). 

    What if I wish to quit the roleplay? 

    If you wish to quit the roleplay, i would like it if you gave me at least a weeks notice. 

    How much do I have to be available?

    I get it that we cannot all be available at all times, but I would prefer most weekends and weekdays.

    And that's all! Yes, long read, I know. I took a long break from minecraft (half a year break) and now i'm back into it! I mention this because last year I started a minecraft roleplay and did not finish it. Yes, real crappy of me, I know. I lost interest in minecraft and did not play for 6 months. But, I did not put as much effort into last time than I did this time. That's why I need help. So I can make this dream a reality. I promise I will not be this formal when we get going, I'm actually a real joking person, even though my jokes suck. That being said, let's make some magic happen! 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold