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About Before Crisis Episode 2

This is the casting call for episode 2 of the Before Crisis series I am running. I am casting episode for episode so there aren’t hundreds of actors with nothing to do!

Before Crisis is part of the large franchise of Final Fantasy, namely Final Fantasy VII. It is actually the start of the story! This project is Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis, which for those of you who are fans of the series like i am know this is what comes before and during The Last Order and Crisis Core, “A story of the six years leading up to FINAL FANTASY VII”. These six years are filled with many sad events so be prepared for some feels! This story follows the character of Samantha, a rookie Turk (this is what Reno is) and their fight against AVALANCHE when they were still “evil” (before Barrett became the leader). ShinRa is seen as the good side in this story, which may seem a little strange for those who know the story, but everything is seen through the eyes of Samatha, who is compassionate and caring as well as loyal and hardworking.

The events of Last Order and Crisis Core overlap the story, and depending on the workload and how the cast feels we may dub them simultaneously~ but that is still up for discussion.

* there are many characters that have no official voice actor so i am looking for good acting and creativity for those characters. I will give guidance on what I think the character should sound like, but I am open to something different as well!
* I would prefer good mic quality since I would like to produce a high quality dub, but i may be lenient on this matter if the acting is of high quality.
* I am very pro multicasting since it’s easier to work with a smaller cast than a larger one, so feel free to try for as many characters as you like, you just have to state if you are willing to be multicast (I realize a lot of people don’t have the time to do more than one character, and ‘mainer’ characters will have a large amount of lines as it is, so if you do not tell me you want to be multicast you will only be cast once) also, please tell me if you’re willing to be an extra! I put auditions up early in the server so even as an extra you’ll be considered first for the next episode’s characters. For extras my only requirement is a decent mic since a role as an extra is great practice if you’re knew to all this!


(A few things before i get onto the characters, I have decided for all the Turks, to use their names found on Gunshot Romance instead of their weapon name since that doesn’t seem right to me. Also, characters are placed in order of line quantity, so higher on the list means more lines and lower on the list means less lines. Every character is important, so don’t assume because the character doesn’t have a proper name that it is an extra, though there are always a few extras available)

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