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    About Blue Exorcist Abridged Episode 1: Drugs are not candy!

    UPDATE: Above is Episode 1 hope you guys can see what we are looking for in terms of mic quality. 

    Hello everyone and welcome to BE Abridged! I have fully created the script for episode one and plan to do future episodes. Before you start the audition process there are a couple of things I would like to go over with you as an interested candidate. But before we begin with that lets start the intro of why I decided to make this an abridged series and where I would like to see it go. Blue Exorcist is about a boy named Rin who is the son of Satan. He denies being the son of Satan and makes it a goal to become an exorcist like his twin brother Yukio. He then makes friends along the way…and thus starts his journey. Now why did I decide to make this a parody? Good question.


    I have watched the entire series and in conclusion I have a lot of knowledge about the show and am a complete fan of it. I love making people laugh and, since I have never made an abridgement before, decided to make this my very first project. One day I just saw an opportunity knocking and decided to take hold of it by the reigns. I would like this to go full length with a couple of series but depending on how well the show even goes is how we determine that. I plan on making each episode about 10 minutes or longer depending on how long the script is. If you join my team I will fully make sure that you are credited in the details of youtube. Alright, now that we have went over the introduction lets take a minute to cover the ground rules.


    1.       1. Please have a decent mic. It doesn’t have to be top dollar but anything with the quality of a blue microphone – or something to that effect – will be extremely helpful towards your audition. We don’t want any unnecessary background noise so keep it minimal. Also it is important that you use audacity for it is the best program to use.


    2.       2. Please be committed. As I have stated in the introduction I plan to make this have a couple of seasons. I do not want someone to audition and get the part..only to disappear completely. Also if you have discord it is the best way to communicate. I will make one specifically for this series and will give it to you in the message box if you are accepted into the group.




    3.      3. No bullying. Absolutely no cyber bullying is allowed here. This site is for the purpose of enjoying what we love to do best – voice act. We are simply here to enjoy ourselves…so it is encouraged that you respect other peoples auditions and act accordingly. In conclusion…we’re all friends here.



    4.      4. Have fun. It is important to not overthink anything when you are auditioning for your character. It is important to follow instructions however, the main thing is to let loose and be yourself. It is an abridgement after all. 

    F    Failure to follow these rules will unfortunately lead to being kicked from the group. Good luck to everyone that auditions for any roles that are given and I hope to see you soon! :3

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold