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About Bashful Series [18+] (3rd Call)


Note that audition lines/deadline and character descriptions may be subject to abrupt changes.
Third call because apparently now I can't use the original anymore. :)

Explainer video links to the original version of Knock, which is going to be redone. Just as an example.

I wrote three stories a few months back, starting with a short story, and ending in two ten-chapter novellas. They wound up being pretty popular -- the two novellas are my most popular works to date. I found this funny, because I thought the first novella was boring to write. But, I digress.

I plan to continue the series with a few more short stories and novellas, and thought it would be a fun time-passer to turn them into dramatized audiobooks.

This project will be kind of slow-going, but I do hope to complete every story in the series. If I change my mind, I will of course post an update and/or change the title to make everyone aware of it. But, for the meantime, here's a casting call to see who's interested in helping me bring these suspense stories to life. ;)

Best start with the current story descriptions and any remarkable details:

Knock (

Stacey is 20 years old and lives by herself. Yet, she can't help but feel like the bumps she hears in the night aren't figments of her imagination . . .

Words: 1454 (1 chapter)

Rating: Teen

Polarity (

Australian artist Max Aleshire doesn't belong in Boston. The weather's too cold for him, as are the people. With only one friend, ex-girlfriend Stacey, he's become an introverted, socially paranoid recluse. He's convinced the loneliness and mundane routine are there to stay until Stacey dares him to make a friend online. By chance, he meets a handsome stranger: a writer named Cameron, with whom he has a lot in common. Inspired by this former introvert, Max attempts to open up and improve his life. First off, he lets Cameron in, certain that he's a good guy. After only a few days, he's surprised to discover that he might be developing feelings for this stranger—for another man!

Little does Max realize, though, that there's a much darker side to Cameron. If love is blind, then Max might not see the danger he's in until it's too late. If he does, will he care?

A fictional suspense novella by Noëlle McHenry about a lonely young man who finds himself trapped in a dangerous love game.

Words: ~25k (10 chapters)

Rating: Explicit (due to sexual content)

Wine at 3 AM (

August trusts his dormmate, Cameron. Despite everything, he trusts him.  So when he offers him some wine one night after returning from a party,  what does he have to fear?

Words: 2708 (1 chapter)

Rating: Mature

Ignore the Camera (

Val Kozel wants people to know him. That's why he started vlogging and doing live speed-runs. Working alongside best friend and fellow  streamer, August, he works toward internet fame. It finally looks like  his efforts won't be in vain; his speed-running is helping him build a  name for himself. He couldn't be happier.

For an early Halloween  event, he and August take a request to play a seemingly childish indie  game, known for the disappearances of its previous players. The only  reason they accept is to debunk the rumors once and for all. What they  don't realize is that might be easier said than done.

Soon enough, Val regrets even having downloaded the game in the first place. In a  matter of days, life as he knew it has fallen apart before his eyes. In  fact, it might be about to end. Alas, his viewers are oblivious to his  horror. Because it's Halloween, they all think it's no more than a  dramatized event . . .

A fictional suspense novella by Noëlle McHenry about two streamers who make a fatal mistake. Sequel to Polarity.

Words: ~34k (12 chapters)

Rating: Explicit (due to sexual content and violence/gore)

No Worries (

Max prepares himself to express his love for Stacey, his girlfriend of three years, at a New Year's party. Love is difficult for him as an introvert, but he's finally ready to give her the love she deserves. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned.

Words: 2846 (1 chapter)

Rating: Teen

Our Sick Obsessions (

Max Aleshire and his lover, rich psychopathic serial killer Cameron  Fenn, have been through difficult times. After a traumatic event and a  severe head injury, Max’s mental state has started to unravel. Worried  about him, Cameron suggests they get away from it all for a while. So,  for the holidays, they travel to Switzerland together in an attempt to  recover.

But Cameron isn’t the only one with an interest in Max:  Ash Sinclair, a rich auditor in Zürich on business, also has his eyes on the Aussie. He seems a lot nicer than Cameron, but Max learns too late  that appearances can be deceiving.

A fictional suspenseful romance novella by Noëlle McHenry about a young man caught in a dangerous love triangle. Sequel to Ignore the Camera.

Words: ~58k (18 chapters)

Rating: Explicit (due to sexual content)

Carrot Cake (

About to turn nine years old, Cameron wants to grow up. Birthdays can't  come soon enough, especially when they mean visiting his favorite city.  But this year, since he lost his last pet, his parents take pity and get him one that's easier to take care of. Of course, they don't realize  that the last pet's demise wasn't as much of an accident as they  thought.

Words: 3091 (1 chapter)

Rating: Mature

There are a few more stories to be added, so this call will be added onto occasionally with new roles.

Each audiobook is intended to have full narration, character voices, and (possibly) sound effects when applicable. I'm treating this more as an audio dramatization sort of deal, I suppose. Each chapter will be posted separately to YouTube, but in one huge playlist. Actors (and narrator) will be credited in the descriptions. I can plug websites and/or social media links next to names if requested. Either when you first e-mail/message me or when I request it, please tell me the name you'd like to be credited by, and any links you want included with your credit.

Lastly, I'm not making any profit off of these audiobooks, since I intend for them to be free. I'm not a YouTube partner, either. Not that YouTube would probably even allow me to monetize these anyway, considering their policies on de-monetization based on content and whatnot. Ha ha.

So, unfortunately, no payment here. Actors and narrators get nothing more than experience and possibly recognition if these somehow get big. Hopefully you find it interesting!

Also, if you have any talents (like composing or audio editing), and you're interested in volunteering to help me out somehow, feel free to message and/or e-mail me and we can discuss!

- Good quality audio is preferred for actors. You aren't likely to be cast if your audio is: too quiet, too loud (peaking), noisy/unclear (lots of background noise).
- Dedication. I would prefer for actors not to drop out of the project after I cast them. Do not audition if you are unsure about whether you can stick with it for the long haul.
- Emotion. The characters aren't robots -- be lively and express some feeling!
- This project requires a little bit of crying and screaming.
- This project contains swearing, violence, gore, (homo)sexual content (some characters may need to make some "18+" noises, though I don't believe that extends to anyone in this particular call), and rather dark subject matter including stalking, murder, rape, and kidnapping. See the story links above for list of tags. You shouldn't audition if you aren't comfortable with scenes regarding these subjects. (Dead Dove: Do Not Eat!)
- I send scripts through e-mail or Discord (though I am less likely to respond on the latter). When cast, please e-mail me (or message me with your Discord ID) ASAP so we can get the ball rolling! (E-mail: sticklover4 [at] gmail [dot] com, Discord: Noëlle McHenry#8310 (e-mail me or message me here first!))

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