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Fridgeofficial's Previously Completed Works

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    About Bancho War: Episodes 1 & 2

    This project is an audio drama version of Bancho War. There will be original visuals that will play side by side with the voice over. The product will seem anime-esque but instead of it being fully animated, it will mostly be be composed of a slideshow of pictures, much like a storyboard but with completed pieces. The bigger scenes (fighting, emotionally heavy scenes) will have animation. All artwork will be originally drawn for this project.

    The project will be episodic, with each episode being around 22 to 25 minutes long. A total of 13 episodes are planned for the first season. The genres are: Action, Drama and School Life.

    Once there are more than [8] auditions for all character, roles will begin to be cast, starting from minor characters, then to more major players.

    Visit the official blog (WIP) for any news and updates on the project:

    If you have any questions or concerns, please ask in the comments below, thank you and good luck auditioning.


    Yankii* have come out of hiding, they now fight for control over the prefecture of Tokyo. A feared gang called the Lucky 13 have also returned from a tragedy no one thought they can bounce back from. It's leader, Hachi Matsumoto, must now rebuild the ranks within his pack and once again strike terror to all Yankii.

    Rival Bancho* have taken over the wards* of Tokyo, will Hachi and company be able to take them on? Will they be able to take back what is rightfully theirs? The honor they once lost? The title of Tokyo Bancho?

    23 wards controlled by gang leaders. 13 souls who must band together. 1 group to best them all. All against the 13, the 13 against all. Odds stacked against them, large targets on their backs. Fights that will shake up society, a war that is inevitable.

    This is, the "Great Bancho War".


    Bancho: In popular culture, a gangster in highschool. Thought of as a simple delinquent by most, some Bancho create gangs in which they recruit other troubled youth to join their fold. The main difference between a Bancho and a regular ruffian from the street, is that Bancho tend to have high morality in honor, giving respect to those in their group and those they fight. Consequently their peers give back the same respect.

    Ward: In simple terms, a small city inside a big city. Japan is known for having wards, also known as districts, within each large city. This is to make running their city much easier since Japan is a densely populated country. Tokyo for example, has 23 wards that make it up.

    Yankii: A typical delinquent in highschool. Nothing special to note, other than the fact that they are mostly the ones that start trouble and have no strict moral code when conducting acts of violence. Though they still have special rules and guidelines they follow.


    1.) Have a decent mic. (Their will be plenty of yelling, relax on the "pfff" and the "Buh!" sounds)
    2.) Be the character you audition for. (Don't be emotionless, give it some life)
    3.) Be intense, this will separate the good auditions from the mediocre ones.
    4.) If you are able to, please perform the lines more than once for variety and a better chance to be cast.
    5.) If you're cast please give your contacts. (ie: Skype, email, etc.)
    6.) Know how to roll your (R)s.

    About the Creator: fridgeofficial

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold