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    About Awoken: The Last Human

    This is an original story I have on FictionPress.Net, titled "Awoken: The Last Human".

    It is a Sci-Fi novel about a human who wakes up 500 years in the future where the human race has become extinct and replaced by cyborgs and hybrids.

    The protagonist is faced with a lot of danger since the lord of the country, Repins Borto, wants to get rid of all organic life completely, including plants, animals and hybrids. 

    Since the lord is a tyrannical ruler, there are rebel forces who recruit the protagonist and use the prototype of a suit which is simply known as the "Cyborg Suit" to enhance his abilities so that he can fight Repins, but the suit is still in the process of being made and the lord is already searching for the human.

    The setting of the story is a country known as the Divided Kingdom, the futuristic version of the United Kingdom. The reason for it's name is because the country has been split into two nations: Shackun (where hybrids and cyborgs live peacefully) and Laguna (where only cyborgs live and where the royal palace is located). Mobius is a city in Shackun which is closest to the border leading to Laguna.

    Hybrids are stigmatized by the cyborgs of Laguna because they are partly organic, but in Shackun they are regarded as equals, though by some they are also seen as the next superior generation of life.

    There are plot twists and dramatic turns where things don't go according to plan and things aren't as they are expected to be.

    I will add more characters to this list as time goes on.

    PS: There are some spelling errors which I'm working on fixing, and I'm aware that the story isn't too amazing (my mother said she gets bored reading it), but it is my first attempt at writing a proper story .

    -Symbolism in this story-

    Hybrids represent groups of people such as transgenders and gays because they are a newer addition to the cyborg race, but because they are viewed as "unnatural" and "forbidden" some cyborgs try to make sure they are wiped out. In the end the hybrids win as it symbolizes that the new always outshines the old (just like how the cyborgs wiped out the humans, the hybrids will wipe out the unaccepting cyborgs, but will not completely dominate the planet since there will aways be more cyborgs much like how there will always be more straight people on Earth).

    The story focuses a lot on the world changing. It focuses on how the old will eventually be replaced by the new, and how certain people (namely Tamarack) refuse to accept change. It shows that the world will be a better place if people accept change so long as nobody is getting injured, while characters such as Repins are examples of people who try to force change in a violent manner which costs the lives of others of his own kind.

    There is also the symbolism of not letting hatred consume yourself, represented in both Tamarack and Repins. When both these characters feel hatred, they feel that it is their duty to condemn a certain group of people for their own suffering - Tamarack hates cyborgs for wiping out the human race (and a more personal event which took place in his past) while Repins hates organics because of his past (which I will not yet reveal). Like how in today's world groups of people will hate other groups of people out of fear and lack of understanding (this time I don't just refer to the LGBT+ community, but pretty much everyone since whites are hated for their past of being superior, racist and pro-slavery, blacks are hated because of their past with whites during the slave movement and the fact that they resided in countries they hadn't originally come from, religious people are hated for having non-logical views which also lead to hatred of certain groups of people, atheists are hated for having no faith... you get the idea. Not one group of people is safe from hatred), the characters in this story beginto hate groups of people for similar reasons.

    But the main message overall is to do with humans and technology. The opening chapter talks about how humans have become enslaved by technology. It points out how powercuts make families huddle together while in the past people lived in that darkness that we're so afraid of. Right now I am using a computer to make this. My lights are turned on because it's night time and the television is on in the background. This story shows that as time goes on humans slowly become slaves to technology, and quite literally, too. The human race died out because cyborgs took over and treated humans as second-class citizens. At first they could marry other cyborgs and had equal treatment, but the marriages were soon banned, as were human/human marriages. In the end, humans were destroyed by technology.

    Also, this story does contain themes which nowadays are still controversial and I know they will end up getting criticized, but since the story is set 500 years into the future I put my theories of how the world will end up in the future. So just a heads up, religion has been abolished long ago since cyborgs do not believe that it is logically possible for a God to exist, and homosexuality is not a crime. Also, the protagonist is actually a transgender (born female), but the development of technology in his original timeline (2065) allowed him to have a transition which was a lot more efficient compared to the ones we have today. Transexualism is okay completely in the future since cyborgs can pretty much give themselves whatever body they want and nobody would really care about it. Of course, themes like terrorism and genocide are referred to in this story, so I may as well warn you about that, too.

    -Differences in Cyborgs and Hybrids compared to Humans-

    White hair is a natural hair colour which comes from cyborgs, so cyborgs and hybrids can both be white-haired. Characters with naturally white hair so far are: Lorenzia Chema, Repins Borto, Xerxes Borto and Gwenillian Borto. White hair normally grows on those of royal heritage, but the odd hybrid or cyborg without royalty is perfectly capably of developing natural white hair. Royal family members born without white or black as natural hair colours are seen as failures.

    *Those who sit on the throne traditionally dye most of their hair black while leaving the natural white at the very bottom. If they are born with natural black hair then the bottom of their hair is dyed white. This is only for males.

    Cyborgs will only be pregnant for up to three months, maybe more or less. The baby will also remember everything from the moment it is born as cyborgs have stronger than memories than humans. Hybrids still spend nine months being pregnant and the babies barely remember their infant days.

    Cyborgs are incredibly more powerful compared to humans and hybrids alike. They don't need to breathe and have a lot of power surging through them (though it can only be unlocked by certain cyborgs who are strong enough). Hybrids only have a stronger skeleton and body than humans, but other than that they are pretty much the same.

    All surnames are anagrams of technological words for both cyborgs and hybrids. Some hybrids may still have human surnames in other countries, but not in the Divided Kingdom.

    -Story Inspirations-

    I will list a few franchises etc. that inspired this story, so if you like the sound of the story you should check these out, or if you like these franchises you may like this story (Note: some of these were just inspirations for themes or background events).

    Jak & Daxter

    Origin: Spirits of the Past

    Code Geass


    I, Robot

    Final Fantasy

    Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM Cartoon, games and some of  my original fanfiction...)

    Ratchet and Clank

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