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    About Avidsonicfan1991's Sonic Project Shorts

    Hey guys this is YoshiTails13(Noah). And this is my first my casting call I made. But this project isn't really from me, it's for Avidsonicfan1991. He needs some help for VA's for most of the Sonic characters for his Sonic SFM Shorts Projects. 

    If you guys heard of avidsonicfan1991, he does a few Sonic shorts and episodes of his series "Sonic Characters read Sonic Fanfiction". I voice Tails, Cream, Charmy, and Silver for his animations.

    But I want to help him to have more VA's for him, so I was thinking to make a Skype group (and maybe a Discord server) for his Sonic shorts, that way he can contact you guys for scripts. 

    And if you guys would like to give him ideas for Sonic Shorts, that would be helpful too. ^^

    But anyways avidsonicfan1991 is going to voice Knuckles and I'm voicing Tails, Charmy, and Silver. But I'm thinking to give Cream to someone else, want to give someone else the chance to do Cream.

    Please help for Avidsonicfan1991's Sonic Shorts projects, this will really mean a lot to him.

    But anyways here's the rules:

    1- Have a good mic quality

    2- You must have a Skype(and maybe a Discord) Please contact me when you get casted.   

    3- You can check out Avidsonicfan1991's channel, to see his past animations: 
    If you fine these animations are alright, and if you would like to voice for his future Sonic Projects, go ahead. ^^

    4- For the returning VA's that did voice in Avidsonicfan1991's in his past animations or you were use to be in his old casting call back last year;
    You can also reaudition this or I could bring you in the group, just contact me. ;) 

    5- Do your best and have fun!

    Thank you and Good Luck! ^^

    Sonic - Taglio918
    Tails - YoshiTails13
    Knuckles - Avidsonicfan1991
    Amy - WhitePuffy
    Sally - Skylar Tourai
    Shadow - Allen the ultimate gamer
    Rouge - Notashrimp16
    Cream - White Puffy
    Silver - YoshiTails13
    Blaze - Skylar Tourai
    Espio - Foriondarkfell
    Charmy - YoshiTails13
    Vector - JaketheGoodman
    Eggman - SMF12345
    Classic Sonic - Skylar Tourai

    There might be more characters if there is any updates for it.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold