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About Auditions For My VA Crew (Hoping You Guys Will Join Its Unpaid Till i have money to pay)

I made my VA auditions earlier than my friends and decided that i either want 15 female Va's and 15 male Va's or more also i do want backup Va's in the crew just in case if a original Va is too busy to be around for the rp or there half for that time period and when they come back they can finish the part they were given up 

remember unless i am able to pay that won't happen witch at the moment i am not able to pay anyone anything so keep that in mind also when i get the chance i do want to get to know everybody

my rps are going to become book series and comic series because i can't animate or do any of the stuff people want me to be able to do so 

in order to see finished stories that are going to be finished when the time comes and finished rps that arent finished 

follow me on wattpad and youtube

My Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/TigerTilldawn

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG_PwZazYOEAEqb0LUD3KvQ

also reminder my current rp is still being worked on and as well as a rp i'm involved with

my friend Eyepatch Zeregaki and my other friend Izaya Orihara are willing to make a VA crew soon but i don't know when they are going to start the auditions so go check them out for furthur information or questions pm me or something to get in touch with me or like email me at [redacted] please keep a full reminder i am not doing any of this as a prank i am serious about my decision and i hope you can understand that so feel free to say whatever to audition also results will come up alot later than you probably will hope cause it is going to be difficult for me to pick the finals for my knew VA crew also if you want minecraft rps that will have to come in the far future unless people who are skilled at making minecraft rps join this crew

cause i only can build and make minecraft skins and i don't have the right minecraft so its difficult but i can make skins thats all i can help with besides making the script yeah thats pretty much it i also VA but otherwise don't expect much from me if it is a minecraft rp until i have a better laptop and a better version of minecraft.

thank you for understanding these curcumstantces also 

rules for my soon to be new VA crew:

1. Be kind to the other crew members

2. i find you being mean its 3 warnings and i replace you

3. take responsibility if you made a mistake or something that you did wrong

4. Don't judge the other crew members

5. Have fun

6. Hate me then we are going to have problems

7. get along with me everything is a blast

8. Don't be rude

9. If you hurt someone apologize on the spot otherwise the 3rd warning your out

10. Gaming, Getting distracted, or any other necessary stuff is not aloud ok only a little

11. if i get distracted get me back on track instantly

12 add me on discord 

13 add me on hangouts

14 notice someone's in a bad mood then don't bother them

15 my birthday's coming up on march 25

16. if you have a condition or medical issues please let me know

17. need help don't be afraid to ask

18. Talk bad about other people 3 strikes for you to stop if you continue doing it after 3 strikes then you can say bye 

19. anybody a big anime fan like me? (optional)

20. remember to keep in contact with me all times

21. once it comes to the rps pls take it seriously

22. have more fun

23 breaks are aloud 

24 Have a great time 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold