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    About Scene from "Game of Risks" Audio Reel

    I've been working on a reader insert for Bakugou Katsuki (And for the sake of this project, I will call him Maneo.) the last few weeks and there are a couple scenes that I really wanted to practice my mixing abilities. It's a small project that is really for people who want to practice their craft! I'm playing around with my mixing abilities and there are a few scenes from the story that I wanted to dub, sort of like an anime would but without the visuals. Visuals may be added later, but from what I've been planning, it's all audio with music in the background. I put it under "Podcast", however, it is really more of a test run.

    The original series is "My Hero Academia" but I wrote the story with multiple of my own characters in the mix. If you are an actor who likes to get into their role, I can go into depth on certain characters but it is not needed for the role. To do this project, you do not need any knowledge of the source material, because this scene is entirely my own. It is very short and can be read at the link below.

    Again! This is a very small project that will not be posted anywhere except possibly youtube if I ever have time to create an animatic for it. I really just want to see how it would be as an audio...thing...

    I will only be dubbing over Unshakeable World because it is the one I want to see most. You can read over a cutting of the scene here:

    The soundtrack I will be using in the background can be found here:

    Unshakeable World: This requires a lot of acting on the villain's part. He is a very unstable person who wants to convince himself that he isn't a horrible person for stealing people's bodies. Once he finds Frey, who has done the same thing as him but instead became a hero, he breaks apart and tries to prove that they are both as disgusting, only to fail. This is the scene where Frey shoots Maneo and Villain (Who is unnamed so far) goes frantic trying to rile her up. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold