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    About Attorney

           I produce audio plays out of the midwest, and I have a role I think you would be great for. If you're interested, please do a read of the audition script below. In this audition, you are an attorney who is meeting with a patient who inadvertently went bald during a medical procedure. The patient is there along with his twin brother and a lady. Please sound authoritative, cold, and standoffish.

    “Good afternoon, name is Marie Atencio. I’m an attorney with the law firm of Bruno and Hairston. (You address the bald twin.) Are you Bill Shreefer? (The other twin tells you that was a good guess.) Well…he’s bald….so he must be Bill...right? (You address the bald twin.) Sir, I was looking over your case…and because you signed a waiver which stated that you understood the risks involved with this treatment, you really have no recourse. (He asks if he can sue.) No, have no recourse whatsoever….(the lady steps forward and tells you that the statement references one other witness.) Yes, ma’am…you are correct…there was one other witness... (You skim through the case document. You hum a song as you skim through it.)....Sally….Sally Shreefer.....Are you Sally Shreefer? (She tells you ‘yes’) And you're Bill's wife? (She asks you to repeat.) Are you the patient's wife? (She says 'no') Oh…The nurse’s statement says that you’re the patient's wife....but if you two aren't married, I'll need to change that.....unfortunately, it’s not going to make any difference in my assessment of the case, but it’s good to have the facts straight for the record. (The lady asks if he has a case at all.) No, ma’am…we really have no case here….the patient's bald because of his own negligence….when he signed the waiver, he gave the nurse permission to apply the shampoo to his hair....I know you're upset that he's bald....but if he had read the waiver first, he wouldn't have allowed the nurse to put the shampoo in his hair.....and he'd still have a full head of hair like him. (She asks if he can sue. You are annoyed because she is asking this again.) No, ma'am.....He's bald because of his own stupidity....and according to the nurse's statement, his baldness is you'll never be able to run your fingers through his hair again. (She asks how long you have been an attorney. You are annoyed.) I’ve been an attorney with this firm for 3 years. Now if you folks want to challenge my assessment of this case just because I’m young, I really don’t care….by the way, Sally, you might want to pull your dress down….I can see your twat…(She gasps. You mimic her by saying, ‘Uhh! Uhh!) You might want to adjust your girdle, too, Sally. I don't know what you and old Bill were doing before I came in, but you probably need to keep it private. You folks have a wonderful evening."


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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold