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Schriefw's Previously Completed Works

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    About Attorney

           I produce audio plays out of the midwest, and I have a role I think you would be great for. If you're interested, please do a read of the audition script below. In this audition, you are an attorney who is meeting with a patient who inadvertently went bald during a medical procedure. The patient is there along with his twin brother and a lady. Please sound authoritative, cold, and standoffish.

    “Good afternoon, folks...my name is Marie Atencio. I’m an attorney with the law firm of Bruno and Hairston. (You address the bald twin.) Are you Bill Shreefer? (He extends his hand.   You respond in a cool and standoffish manner)  Nice to meet you.  (The lady introduces herself as Sally Shreefer.)  Sally Shreefer?  Oh yes....I recognize your name from the nurse's statement, Sally.....and your Bill's wife..correct?  (She asks you to repeat.)  You're the patient's wife?  (She tells you 'no'.)  Oh…The nurse’s statement says that you’re the patient's wife....but if you two aren't married, I'll need to change that....(You hum a song as you change the record.  The man asks angrily why the nurse thought she was his wife.)  Why did the nurse think she was your wife?  I don't know, sir.  She probably just assumed you were married because you're both older...(You hum as you continue penciling the change on the report.)  So you're both just in a relationship right now?......Like a casual dating relationship?  (The man tells you the lady is his mother.)  She's your mother? (You chuckle a little because you think he's joking.  You hand him the corrected form)  Ok, sir, I'll need you to sign here....and ma'am....you'll need to sign here.  (The man breaks wind.)   Ooops!...somebody just took a nice big poop in his pants.  (You laugh again..)  Incontinence, sir?  (You pull the man's hair over his scalp to cover it.  The lady asks you what you're doing to his hair.)   What am I doing to his hair?  I'm just combing it back, ma'am.   Why?  Are you scared I'm gonna make him go bald?  Mommy doesn't like bald, does she?  (You style his hair in a funny mess.)  Whoooooooo-hooooooo!"  (you laugh.)  There you go, sir.   Now mommy can't run her fingers through your hair anymore."  

    About the Creator: schriefw

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold