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    About Attn Parents: Children Needed for Radio Show Theme Song - No Singing

    Attention Parents:

    I am producing a children's show, called Bedtime Story, on Radio Fairfax and I'm looking for at least a couple of young children to shout, "Bedtime ! Bedtime ! Bedtime ! Bedtime story !" They should sound like they are bouncing up and down as tho they are overjoyed about being read to. This will be part of the theme song for my show, which will air once a week, on cable TV, in Fairfax County and Falls Church (suburbs of D.C.) and streamed live online. This is the local equivalent of PBS. This is an excellent opportunity for a couple of children, w/dreams of eventually taking after their parents and becoming professional voice actors, to gain valuable exposure. 


    - Use a decent mic (not a phone)

    - AVOID recording in room w/a lot of reverberation (i.e. not a bathroom)

    I prefer:

    - No special effects - you can edit out their mistakes, but that's all

    - No compression, noise reduction, or other kinds of post production effects

    - Record format: WAV

    - Sample rate: 44,100

    - Bit depth: 16 bits

    - Channels: Mono 

    - Peaks at or below 3db so it will not sound distorted after uploading.

    About the Creator: crystallynne

    My voice is very youthful, yet it is believable because it is not exactly exaggerated. I am naturally a bit bubbly, childish, and cute. I happen to have a girlish giggle. If I'm genuinely excited, everyone else gets engaged. I can come across as confident and authoritative. I am always articulate and can clearly convey my message. I speak with sincerity. I have no trace of an accent. My pronunciation is proficient. In addition to a convincing child, I can also play a preteen (tween), an adolescent teenager, and a young adult.

    Other key words to describe my voice: 

    Animated, appealing, assuring, authentic, carefree, caring, cartoon character, cheerful, child like, concerned, considerate, contemplative, credible, curious, eager, effervescent, emotional, encouraging, endearing, engaging, excitable, friendly, fun, funny, genuine, giggly, happy, honest, heartfelt, hopeful, innocent, intelligent, joyful, kind, knowledgeable, lovable, loving, naive, nerdy, optimistic, outgoing, realistic, reassuring, sensitive, sincere, tender, truthful, trustworthy, vulnerable, and young.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold