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    About Attack on Titan : Wisdom's Challenge

    Hello everyone! I'm Swifty!!! I'm new to Castingcallclub! So, this might seem raw...But I'm trying!!! :D

    (Please ignpre horrible drawings they are old sketches mosly)

    Let me begin with this. I am an animator ad an artist, and I tend to write huge long complicated stories and scripts. There is this one story I created, and its so massive that it litterally takes me an hour to explain only half of it- and its a fan made story! So i've been thinking about fixing that. I wanted to do an audiobook, but then I decided against it cause I might as well add pictures to the background. So why not make a comic dub? 

    But at the same time, I need OFFICIAL voice actors. 

    What this means, is that I want people who are going to become the actual voice behind my characters. I might get a voice actor for Eren (From Attack on Titan), But unfortunately, I don't have Bryce Papenbrook on speeddial ^^; 

    So, I'd love to explain the full story, so I'll start with a small peice. 

    For now, all I'm searching for is official voice actors for these 4 characters: (And I promise there will be more.)




    And Felix.

    Basically, the story i about young SIon and how importan ther part lies deep within the wolrd beyond the walls. It starts with her staying beside her friend Eren for awhile, before she soon realises how her family's past screws up her life and its up to her to not only stop the walls from breaking, but to make sure her cousin Caelin doesn die as the prophecy fortells and to insure that Eedie doesn't destroy everything they love. 

    The series ends more along when Yuki, Sion's daughter YEARS ahead, is murdered by her own brother, Aikeo. 

    It's a VERY long and complicated story. XD

    THats why I need to post it in a video or comic dub. 

    I wish for official voice actors so even if I plan to not do a comic dub, I still have voice actors for when I do small animations for practice, skits, or animatics.

    Since the comic dub is officially something my team and I are going to do, I went ahead and posted some roles for the prolouge. I will post another casting call for each episode, since there will be alot of characters introduced

    About the Creator: swiftytheghost

    Hi! im new to Castingcallclub! But i'm an animator with a passion and a very long and difficult to explain story that she would love to show the world through a comic dub!! ^^ i also love to voice act. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold