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    About Attack on Titan Fanvid

    Hi there, we are making a fanvid of Attack on Titan (SNK), which you can find more details on my tumblr:


    We uploaded the half-finished video and now looking for two casts, to take the 2 roles, aka Levi and Eren, American accent preferred, male.

    It’s a fan work so no payment sorry ;)

    If you are interested, pls send email to [redacted] with a sample of your voice or leave your audition here.

    The lines will be no big different from those in the original trailer so don’t hesitate!


    About the plot.

    I know after checking the vid you’ll get an doubt like “WTH is this a 50 shades of Grey thing!?”.No, not at all.I inverted its original plot. In this case Levi will also be the one who has “the singular taste” indeed but Eren wont be the submissive one… You know what I mean… 

    And NO R-rate lines for charters I promise.

    The story is more like some rich elder guy with a boring life accidentally fell in love with a cocky young man but the latter had no interest to get involved in this relationship at the beginning.


    Script added:

    The story is generally about a rich guy (Levi) attracted by a young man (Eren), who was about 10 years younger than him. 
    Eren was a cocky, good-looking guy, studying journalism, facing his graduation. Supposing to work as a journalist for a website. Had a very good education background, parents divorced, had a rich daddy while not so many ppl know that. Anyway the glider in the second part will be fly by him not Levi LoL (spoiler, I know). Arrogant, energetic, attractive...mainly for girls.

    Levi is a sort of CEO thing (?) of a company, rich, of course. Living a boring life, gay, over 30 years old, so sometimes he plays his sugar-daddy role in his “regular” relationships. Not very good at expressing of his own feelings by words. (The same stupid settings as this kind of human in those stupid fics, then we’ll invert it this time.) Gentle, elegant or some such.

    Supporting roles:
    Mikasa: Levi’s younger sister. 
    Petra: Levi’s secretary.
    A girl from the uni’s newspaper.

    The half way finished video FYI:
    The origin trailer of THE movie FYI:

    Some girl on the phone: So, what was he like?

    Petra: Mr. Ackerman will see you now.

    Eren(to the girl on the phone): I’ll say he was smart, intense. If you like that sort of human.
    Eren(in the office, interview): To what do you owe your success?
    Background: The girl in the school newspaper caught flu, so Eren was named to do visit this CEO instead of her. He had no good impression towards Levi at the beginning for sure. So this is just an routine interview from his point.

    Levi(answer the question): I've always been good at people. I have a natural instinct, for what makes a person tick.
    Background: just answer the question. Pls take how they read the line in the movie trailer as the reference.

    What happened during the interview:
    Eren found the questions he had in his hand was too silly to ask. So he threw the paper. As a result he asked some real questions then this meeting became interesting. Levi had a good first impression about this young man. Since he’s a gay…you can imagine the chemical change in his brain XD

    Levi: Eren.
    Eren: Levi.

    Hanj: You do realize that he hasn't stopped looking at you?
    Mikasa: Have you met someone? (to Levi)

    Levi: Are you free? (to Eren)

    Levi(in a café): I like to see your face. Gives me some clue what you might be thinking.
    Eren(in a café): So you’re a control freak?
    Levi: I exercise control in all things.
    Eren: It must be really boring.
    Background: The two sit in a café, by this time they start to know each other as just friends. From Levi’s point, he wanted to say this out and see how Eren response.

    Eren: You’re not playing fair.
    Background: In the helicopter. The sugar daddy thing doesn't work on Eren at all. So Levi had no choice but show him a bigger toy. Well, for an only 21-year-old young man a helicopter trip could eventually be a surprise. Thanks God.

    Levi: You should just steer clear of me. I’m not the one for you.
    Eren: Why wont you let me in?
    Background: From Eren’s point, “okay, you win. Now I’m here coming for you, finally, but why the hell you start to retreat!? ” Cuz’ Levi had his dirty warm little secret, which made him said like that.

    Levi: I had a rough start in life, that’s all you need to know. My tastes are very…singular. You wouldn't understand.
    Eren: Enlighten me, then.
    Background: Just, enlighten me. Tell me what exactly the barricade in between us is. No submissive tone when you read it, pls.

    Eren: Why are you trying to change me?
    Levi: I’m not. It’s you that’s changing me.

    Eren: I don’t know if I can be with him the way he needs me to.
    Background: Pls don’t be melancholy when you read this, don’t be too sentimental either. I don’t quite like the way that girl in the movie trailer speak it.

    Eren: Say I did stay, what would happen?

    About the Creator: jilbird

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