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Etlas Miles's Previously Completed Works

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    About Ashmoon Creations | Anecdotes of Yesterday | Minecraft Roleplay | Final Casting | LGBTQ +

    Good morning, my name is Etlas_Miles and I am the head writer of Ashmoon Creations. The team and I are currently in the process of making the scripts and sets of this project and we are still open to more applications for further collaboration.


    In the present time, known scholar and archaeologist, Lysander Farr uncovers evidence of the ancient civilization known as the Makatza. He sets out on his boat and goes on a journey to find the island of the lost civilization. After his boat crashed on the island, he explores it while understanding the reason for the civilization’s collapse and disappearance.

    During the reign of Queen Enska and Queen Naaki, the Makatza civilization has been foretold to be destroyed by an event known as The Collapse. With heavy hearts,  the two queens race against time, in order to prevent this impending doom from occurring while preventing rebels from destroying them as well. 

    Disclaimer: This project will deal with dark and sensitive topics, so if you are uncomfortable with the aforementioned previously mentioned, we suggest that you can wait for a more light-hearted project to come <3. 

    How long will the series go? 

    The series will be split into two seasons. 


    1. 1. You must be open-minded with the story’s vision especially since this has themes of LGBTQ +. 

    2. 2. Pay respect towards each other. (We’re all working hard here and the value of everyone’s work is equal. If you reach about 3 offenses, you are banned.)

    3. 3. Be committed to the project. (If you have plans of leave, you may ask permission with your higher-ups. We won’t take it against you ^w^)

    4. 4. Discord! Please have one. This is where most of the project related announcements will be cascaded, so this will be very crucial.

    5. 5. Your microphone must have decent quality and have minimal background noise. We don’t want static in the recordings :”)

    6. 6. This project is for those 15 years old and above. Guys, honesty system please :(( 

    7. 7. Have Minecraft PC/Java (If you wish to help with builds and body acting, this is required).

    8. 8. Decent collaboration skills! This project will be worked on with other humans, so please don’t bite.   :<<

    About the Creator: Etlas_Miles

    Hello everyone my name is Etlas or as my friends call me Miles, I am an aspiring Youtuber as well Minecraft Roleplay Maker. I came here to this site to post my future projects and possibly learn from others. I would like to learn from experienced roleplayers whether from directing, body acting and how to maintain a team. 

    If anyone is interested here is my discord: Etlas_Miles#8549

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold