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    About Artists Needed for Pokemon Webcomic

    I need some artists to help me with a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon styled Webcomic.  It's inspired by stuff like Samurai Jack, Dragon Ball Z, Lord of the Rings, My Hero Academia and more.  So if you're into stuff like that then you'll love working on this with me.

    When submitting an auditionJust submit an example of your previous work or draw something Pokemon related. Doesn't need to be in color but it should go without saying that the drawing should be complete and look good. 

    But before I get into detail about the story, art style, etc. Here are the rules.

    I can't pay you. (This is a fan project,  besides I can barely afford the stuff I need let alone want)

    Digital Artists only. (Unless you're just, really good at traditional pen/paper and can scan the drawings onto a computer)

    You'll need either Kik, Discord, or some sort of way to communicate with me.

    The Story is set in stone, so no adding in your OCs or anything. (You can suggest stuff but overall the final decision would be mine)

    There will be some mature themes. (Nothing too bad, it's Pokemon after all not GTAV. Just some light cursing and maybe some blood. Like "Damn" or "What the hell?")

    The comic would be mostly in monochrome (Black & White), while more dramatic or important pages/scenes would be in color. (Unless you prefer color if so we can talk about it). It'd be mostly black/white to help you (The artist) get pages out quicker.

    This will be a long project, so stay committed.  

    And those are the ground rules, I may add more in the future. 

    And now, a short synopsis of the story.


     The takes place in the far future where an ominous presence, known only as "The Dark Master"  has total control of the PMD Earth. In its unyielding conquest of power, it attempted to tear away the barrier between the PMD Universe and the Human World. However, this plan backfires and ends up scattering human "relics" around the planet while also completely rewriting the rules of the world. 

    The story begins with an amnesiac Riolu, a former human who is the only known human to survive the recombination of the two universes.  Who reluctantly joins a small resistance group in the middle of nowhere. However, he doesn't know how to use moves on his own! He has to rely on a mysterious "spirit" that resides within him to fight in battles. He doesn't know nor does he care about what is going on in the world and simply wants to go home, during his journey he'll meet a cast of characters, experience numerous hardships and find his purpose in all this. 


    That's a real simplified synopsis of the beginning of the story.  If you have any more questions about the story or overall feel free to let me know!

    Now, to conclude. Some final frequently asked questions.

    "Why don't you just draw it?"

    A: Because I'm a horrible artist and have practiced for months with no progress, the concept/idea of a drawing? I got that shit down. Actually drawing it? heh heh, *loads shotgun*.

    "Will you add more artists in the future?"
    A: If the comic is a success I'd love to, as well as eventually have editors to help make it looks good on YouTube, and maybe even voice actors. (Although if a 2nd or 3rd artist were to join they'd have to be able to mimic the previously used art style.)

    "Why make it a webcomic if you cant draw? Wouldnt a fan fiction be easier?"
    A: Yes and no. Yes because I cant draw, No because this is a type of story that would thrive off having visuals to represent it.

    "Will you be doing more stuff like this in the future?"
    A: Yes! (Hopefully, as long as school and work don't interfere). So if you don't get picked for this comic in particular you could always wait until my next big project. Don't give up hope! Hell, I eventually intend to do webcomics on my own original properties eventually, once I get the hang of it that is.

    "What are you looking for Art Style wise?"
    A: I want the comic to act serious when necessary, but it doesn't have to be ultra realistic or ultra-gritty. It's pokemon after all. So kinda imagine something along the lines of the classic "Dragon Ball" art style? (Like, before Dragon Ball Z. Where the art was cartoony and round, but could still be serious when needed)

    And that's all I can think of to write on here for the time being. Thanks for reading this and if you audition I'll get back to you as soon as I can! If you can't audition for this but know someone who would then let them know! Even just spreading the word of this is a great help.


    (Things/roles may be added or removed in the future, so stay invested until the end!)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold