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About Artist Required for The Pirates of the Drunken Dolphin (an audio comedy)

I'm currently working on an audio comedy project called The Pirates of the Drunken Dolphin. It revolves around a band of pirates who have accidentally crashed their ship, the Golden Turkey, into a pub (The Drunken Dolphin), and must work to pay off the debt that they now owe the landlady for the damage.

I know that asking for free art can be a rather shady business, considering all those posts that you see on Twitter of artists showing DMs they've received from idiots who don't understand the word 'money' or 'commission' or 'income'. That's why I'd like to stress that this is genuinely all a labour of love and nothing else. The only money spent on the project was for the rights for usage of the theme, and sound effects broadcast rights (and that was just a donation to the upkeep of a website). None of the actors, who have worked very hard, have been paid, and I will not and will never make any money from this project (at least, without sufficient reward going to every person who has contributed, in the unlikely event that money does come from it).

That being said, I really do need some artwork done for the series. It would be several pieces, so I'm not sure if even the thought of asking for them for free is one that can be entertained, but if anyone would take me up on these, then I would be eternally grateful. You would most certainly receive credit for all of your work, even on the (potential) radio broadcast - and of course, I'd rather be in your debt.

So, here is what would be required...

  1. - Drawings (waist-up) of all the main cast:

    1. 1. Julius Blackchops, Captain of the Golden Turkey
    2. 2. Rose Buckley, the landlady of the Drunken Dolphin
    3. 3. Sir Alexander Piccadilly, a no-nonsense lawkeeper
    4. 4. Tim the Cabin Boy (Actually a 21-year-old man)
    5. 5. Wendy, Blackchops' sister
    6. 6. Penny, the alcoholic accountant
    7. 7. Lubber, the dopey navigator
    8. 8. Snowy, the albino parrot (probably on his perch)

  2. - One piece of artwork per episode (there are six in total) for visual aesthetic on the YouTube upload. This will be to do with the plot, and doesn't even need to be particularly complex - for instance, the second episode revolves around a wedding and a set of diary entries, so the images could be some falling papers and a couple of wedding rings.

More information can be found about the project here. Naturally, a description of each of the characters will be provided if the job is accepted.

The character portraits have June deadlines, and the YouTube art pieces will have July and August deadlines.

I appreciate that this is a lot of work, and I'm probably being quite unrealistic in my requests, but I would gladly appreciate the help.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold