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About Aristocrat Sir voice for Western Open World Shooter


Hello everyone!

Throughout the last few months my team and I have been working on a video game project.  We're wanting to make a western shooter with the comedy and gameplay elements of source engine's "Fistful of Frags", while combining it with a the open world sandbox nature of grand theft auto or Red Dead Redemption online.

Here are some pictures of the project so far if you're curious. We're going with a lower poly/polygonal stylized look and putting a larger emphasis on atmosphere and gameplay. We've only gotten some western town pieces done and one of the forest regions as far as the map design goes.


We want to make a game to make people laugh, so if you apply for the role, have fun doing it.

What platform are you using?

Funny enough, we've actually switched from Unreal 4 to, yes, hear me out, Roblox.
Now, Roblox has come a far way from its humble lego-like origins, and you can now produce the same level of quality or very close as Unity 3D. But that's not why we're choosing it as a platform to develop on and stick with.

Roblox is the largest growing social gaming and networking site on the web. It has amassed 43 million concurrent players. Besides this, the Developer Exchange payout revenue cap is currently set to $140K USD per month. No, we aren't making this. But several people are and we're hoping our hard work and dedication to the platform for the last 8 years will also pay off. And you could be a part of it when it does. 

In short, we've always been with roblox and now it has a much larger and more age ranged community, and we believe it yields the best monetary rewards possible from our research on comparing different tools to create games with, the costs of servers(roblox is free and AWS hosted), and lots of playtime statistics. 

That being said, our game is coming together nicely, has multiple artists and VAs, and the gameplay , physics, and world interactions are up to par with the Source Engine's "Fistful of Frags" which we partially are inspired from.

What could this mean for me?

This is currently an unpayed job, but that doesn't mean we won't pay you down the line, and if the project is successful, you'll get a very good share of the revenue(since there aren't many artists, primarily the ones in my other project here: http://thestillgame.weebly.com/ 

We're all a group of friends trying to make something spectacular in a platform thought impossible, and we need your help to make it pay off.

The project will get big, because there's currently nothing paralleled on the platform in terms of visual and mechanical quality. It out does and rivals games that are making 140k a month consistently, and builds off those games design and marketing elements.

We're going to come in the least expected, and it's going to get big. And that means when it does, you could too and expand your resume.

My Role

In the game, you'll have a wide variety of clothing, body types, and facial features to build your character from in our planned detailed customization.

You'll also have quite a few different voice packs to go with, which change all of the voice emotes and voice expressions as your character interacts with the world.

Our other voice actors from other sources have handled the Heavy Cowboy set voice pack, Native American voice pack, and the Light Cowboy voice pack among others.

We're looking for someone to do a noble(preferably British/English) noble aristocrat "sir" like character, for fun.

This will hopefully liven the game with some more laughs, watching men with fancy mustaches, monocles, and expensive suits get tumbled down hillsides after getting shot while saying, "Oh, my."

Yes we know this is a bit silly but that's part of the game's purpose. Do have fun with it.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold