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    About ANY Singer familiar with Love Live needed; short-term project

    Oooookie this is a bit unusual. 

    I am needing singers to record very short sections of translyrics that I've written in the past. I would prefer only one voice, for consistency, but I'm okay with different people singing too. This will be sent to two of my teachers at school, as an example of my lyric translation hobby, so that they can write about it in their letters of recommendation to potential colleges that I am applying for. 

    (more details at the bottom if you're confused lol.)

    I would prefer you send in your audition as a mixed file-- it doesn't need to be anything fancy, as long as your vocals are clear, in tune, and can be heard over the backing track. I will then compile the recordings into one file, with the original song too. So it'll go like:

    Original blurb#1-- My translyrics, Original blurb#2-- My translyrics, Original blurb#3-- My translyrics. 

    What I am looking for:

    - In tune, in time vocals

    - Clear pronunciation; a slight accent is perfectly okay, as long as the words can be understood!

    - Clear recording; a bit of fan noise or something should be okay, since the instrumental will go with it, but it shouldn't be distracting

    - The cleaner the better! But the focus is to provide an example of what we youtaite do on youtube, so it's ok if it's not perfect 

    The final recording will only be shown to two teachers who are writing a letter of rec for me, and I will credit your work in the way that you prefer. Thank you so much! 

    (Additional details for you young'ens/ ppl not from the U.S. unfamiliar with U.S. colleges:)

    To apply to university, some schools require letters of recommendation, written by teachers or school staff, to get to know more about their prospective students . To write a letter of rec, a teacher would need a list of things the student has done, such as volunteering or awards they have received, or in my case, extracurricular hobbies. This will help the teacher write the letter cus it makes it more specific to the individual. In my case, I want to show my lyric translation hobby on youtube, and wanted an actual musical recording of the lyrics since my teachers will not be familiar with love live songs, and won't be able to appreciate the lyrics without hearing it sung. I won't be able to sing it myself since it'll be less professional, and I don't want the fact that I am singing to overshadow the focus on the lyrics. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold