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    About Anime Competiton!

    Hi hi! Thanks for taking your time out of your day to read this simple project.

    First here are the rules to apply:

    1.) Must be active on Mondays.  (You can be active for more then Monday if you like.)

    2.) We will communicate with discord. There will be a server for this seasons cycle.

    3.) Turn in your photo's of your anime characters in on time. I expect all 16 participants in the show to turn in there photo's by Monday along with there lines.

    As you can see TIMING is everything when it comes to being apart of this show.

    So why should I apply?

    Well this will be a good and easy chance to voice over your favorite anime girl characters. 

    If you win the show you will continue to voice over this character until Cycle 3.  You will be specially featured in the opening of the show if you do win.

    I'll be casting 16 people for the premiere of the first episode. Be warned there are eliminations and if you are eliminated then your time with the project is up. Of course you can come back on the next season of the show.

    The biggest thing the project will need is a mature level. If your eliminated then you will have to accept it. 

    Depending on if your girl follows the theme of that week you can pass on to the next challenge. If you don't follow the theme you'll be eliminated.

    Example: The theme is to send a flower photo but someone insteads sends a beach picture. (You won't always be eliminated for not following the theme though) 

    I'll explain more about the shows rules once all 16 girls are casted. 

    PS: If you apply and don't turn in a photo exactly on the deadline date of Monday you will automatically be eliminated from the competition. Which is why doing things on the deadline is important. You won't have a lot of lines either so you can turn those in easily too along with the picture. (Some girls won't have lines in certain episodes) 

    Anime character MUST be a girl this cycle.

    Can only choose ONE character to apply as. 

    Make sure you choose a girl that bests fits you. If you win as her you'll be staying as her for the rest of the cycles.

    If you win you'll also be a judge next to me on the panel. (Can't use Amu Hinamori as a girl to apply for since I'll be using her) 

    If you are casted I'll be making a opening with you in it! 

    Good luck! (LunaStar)

    About the Creator: LunaStar12

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold