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    About Another Cover Group- Vocalists, artist, mixers, etc(Anime/Vocaloid)

    Hello, I am Minamii! Welcome to the casting call for another cover group. 

    Note: You may not take this group seriously when reading this, but trust me when I say that this group will be my pride and joy. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING THEN PLEASE DO AUDITION.
    This group will be covering songs from anime, Honeyworks, Vocaloid, and some video game songs. We will also compose some of our songs on some rare occasions. (Like for a members birthday?)
    We will sing songs in any language depending on what song we sing. Though we will for sure focus on Japanese and English songs.
    Japanese songs: We will sing in Japanese for some songs depending on what the group wants to do.
    English songs: We will most likely sing mostly in English. If we decide on a song we want to sing then we can translate the song from whatever language it is in into English. I am capable of translating and making singable lyrics for songs!
    Other languages: Not too much to say about other languages. If the group wants to sing in another language (such as German, French, Chinese, etc.) then we will!
    How long will this cover group last?
    -Hopefully years. The project will only end when it dies out itself. 
    Am I required to sing other languages other than English?
    Do I need to participate in every song?
    Not at all! If you do not wish to sing a song then you will not be forced to. Some songs could have everyone in the group, or only one or two. 
    Where will our cover end up?
    Youtube. Once I have mastered mixing, making videos and made our channel it will be posted on youtube.
    What is our group name?
    That will be up to all of the members of the group once we have all of the members.
    How will we communicate?
    Discord. (Not surprising, I know.)
    I really like communicating through discord for many reasons. One reason being there can be multiple chats in the sever and we can easily get to know each other.
    How close will the members be to each other?
    It is all up to you. If you wish to create a friendship with your fellow singers then please do (that is one reason we will be communicating through discord!) If you wish to keep it on a completely professional level then you can. But, it would be preferred if we could all get along and create a nice bond.
    How many members of the group?
    11 Singers. Five male singers, five female singers and me who can sing as female and male. But then again, I am opening up an audition section for traps. So, you never know, there might be 12 vocalists. (I generally sing female vocals though. I will be singing for the group mostly so I can help with harmonies but also to so I can properly help anyone who is having trouble signing/we have a sick person.)
    How will singers be chosen?
    Vocalists will be chosen by mic quality and singing ability! If your mic is terrible then I would advise getting a better mic and auditioning later. Singing ability? Would you be able to harmonize well and can I instantly think of a song you're voice would sing very well? If I cant think of a song you would sound good singing, chances are you have a bad mic or you can't hit your notes right.
    Why make this project?
    I have a love for singing and would like to meet other people who like singing while also having similar interests. (Games, anime, etc.) I want to make a group that sounds good and is well put together.
    On a scale of 1-10, how important is this project?
    8. It's definitely on the higher end. I love to make covers, so this will for sure be a project that won't be tossed to the side as a reject to me unless necessary.
    Deadline is a tricky topic. MEET YOUR DEADLINES. I like to start putting together the covers as soon as the song we will sing is decided on. I will happily extend your deadline if there are personal issues or if you are having health problems/you are sick. If you have not been able to meet the deadlines even with the extension then I will assign the lines to another person. (Do not be insulted if I do do that! Some things are just unavoidable and sometimes you just can't sing, so we just need to find another solution rather than an extension.)
    What if I have a problem with another member?
    Please take care of that with them in DM or come to me so I can help figure it out.
    I have more/other questions! How can I ask them?
    Well, lucky you! We have a comment section right below this description. Feel free to ask any questions. Or you could message me your questions!
    )-Decent microphone (Absolutely no phone microphones...)
    )- Dedication
    )- The ability to communicate with other members
    )- DISCORD. (Discord is free! You can use it with a browser OR you could download it. If you don't have, it is free to make an account and is easy to use. Go ahead and make an account if you don't already)
    )- Lastly, the ability to take serious situations OR things that are not meant for being a joke (Like picking out songs/Deciding on a new feature), seriously.

    Thank you all for checking out this casting call and I hope you audition!!! HAVE FUN (I will most likely add on to this in the future.)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold