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    About Animal Crossing New Leaf Nuzlocke Animatic Dub (CANCELLED FOR NOW)

    This is an animatic/comic dub thing of my play through of Animal Crossing New Leaf, but with a twist. It's a Nuzlocke! If you're not familiar with what a Nuzlocke is, it was a set of rules to make a Pokemon game more challenging. In this Animal Crossing Nuzlocke, it's a little different.

    ACNL Nuzlocke rules

    1. You must set one of your villagers catchphrases to cough. They have the plague. If all your villagers start saying cough, you must reset your town.

    2. If a villager asks to move, you have to let them. 

    3. You can time travel, but not to get villagers out.

    4. You may not reset for maps or villagers. 

    5. No glitching. You can accept glitched items though.

    6. Beetle farming is not allowed, you may only use fruit/shells/Stalk Market/selling random stuff.

    7. You can ONLY use your town fruit, your Island fruit and the fruit from Isabelle.


    8. Wear clothes and furniture that villagers give you. You can only buy your own clothes/ furniture once a day.

    9. ALWAYS accept favors and requests.

    10. If a villagers has the plague, talk to them as little as possible.

    11. Store 200 bells in the atm every day.

    In order to be in this project, you must have at least ONE of these:

    A YouTube account

    A Skype account

    Or an email account (This is preferred out of all of them but it's not required.)

    Also, since you have read the Nuzlocke rules (hopefully) this means if you want to audition for a character, later in the series they may get the plague, meaning that you would have to make them sound a little sick and do some fake coughing.

    Also! In your audition, please try not to have a lot of background noise (by that I mean you can hear air, NOT things like people talking, the sound of a tv, or things like that in the background) in your audition. A little is fine, as long as I can hear you over it.

    Also, there will be more characters being added in the future, so if you don't see any characters you want to audition for, there will be more coming soon!

    Aaaand, that's about it! Happy auditioning! ^.^

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold