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About Amoria - Original Animated Series

Hello Auditioners!

My name is Manase Misa (A.K.A. MrCoolimation/CocoPan). Welcome to the auditions for the show, “Amoria”! These auditions currently only hold one role, (although, it's a lead role) along with many many extras to try out for, but don’t worry! If you don’t make it, there will also be many many more characters to audition for in the future! 

About Amoria

Amoria is an animated show I’m working on about a young boy named Gavin, his best friend Diana, and Gavin’s uncle Bedrick. They travel the world in search of anything they can find that can help with Bedrick’s studies as a wizard. Along the way they run into all sorts of quirky characters, objects, and even some threats. This show is a show that will run for at least 2 Seasons. Each season with 15 to 20 episodes. 


Here are the things you must have if you’re going to be auditioning for the project…

Good Microphone Quality - Obviously, it would be ideal for you to have good microphone quality. This means no white noise in your recordings, preferably condenser microphones (but not required), and being careful not to peek in your clips. This show must be the best it can, so one of the characters having white noise can be very distracting.

Availability/Commitment - In the past, I’ve had voice actors miss deadlines, not reply to me for months on end, or go as far as to never reply to me again. Commitment and availability is everything. If you audition for this project, you must be willing to take the responsibilities that come with it.

Communication - If you can not make deadlines, that’s perfectly fine by me as long as you simply let me know. I won’t hold it against you, life happens sometimes and there’s nothing you can do about it. Of course, don’t abuse this. While I will be understanding, try to avoid making it a recurring issue. But if it’s unavoidable, I’ll also understand as long as we have good communication and I’m kept aware of when you plan to finish your assignments.

A Discord - I would highly prefer for you to have a Discord if you plan on participating in this project. We, as a cast, will have a channel for this project. Meaning most communication will happen over there. Not to mention you’d be able to get to know each other as a cast while the production goes on!


Amoria is a long term project. However, I will not ask too much from you. Each script will be sent once each is completed. You will have a week to two week deadline for each script depending on your availability! If you audition for this show, you are signing up to commit yourself to this show. If this is something you feel you cannot do, I would recommend you do not audition. However, if there’s a compromise you’d like to offer, I just might be open to that as well. 


Have fun!

About the Creator: mrcoolimation

I am an animator, voice actor, and director. I often need voice actors for the many stories I create. And thats where I found out about Casting Call Club. It works like a charm and as a voice actor it is a great place to find voice acting jobs. I've always wanted to be able to be in a lot of projects as a voice actor because it's my greatest passion and I love that Casting Call Club has given me that opportunity!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold