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About Amagi Brilliant Park Anime Crossover Call Episode

Amagi Brilliant Park - Series Crossover Special

This is going to be a special episode of my Amagi Brilliant Park Abridged series, meaning it's pretty much filler but is a treat. The premise is, LOTS OF different anime characters from different series, call Amagi Brilliant Park and have their own reasons relating to their own show for calling Amagi. This episode is a future episode and will probably take some time to get to BUT IT WILL HAPPEN! Only setting this up now because I ain't always gonna have CCC GOLD!

Basically the anime series will be connected all because the characters selected, have a scene of them talking on a phone/mobile phone. Other characters from other series will be added if I can find them!

I'm thinking of making Abridged series of Steins;Gate and Death Note as well, from this casting call as well. 

Okabe is calling because he's trying to warn 50 Sent that Kanye West will work with SERN in the future.

L is calling because he has a lead that a recent bus hijacking is linked to Amagi Brilliant Park. Only to find out that 50 Sent is the 50th Kira! Light tries to convince everyone that he's Kira, because no one thinks that he is Kira.

Satou calls because he's just delusional and likes wasting people's time.

Akane calls because she detects that from this call that everyone is in, that their crime coefficients are too high.

Shino is just in the phone call for fun and to make sex jokes.

Edward is calling to find out if it's possible to create people.

Hei is calling because he 50 Sent and Kanye are contractors.


  • - Enthusiasm

  • - Passion and determination to for the project to be done

  • - You're okay with re-scripts

  • - You surrender your Skype to me for easier communication

  • -You must communicate with me so I can understand you and you understand me, I'm a chill guy

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold