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About 「All In Your Head」Gacha Mini Series

This is the auditions for "All In Your Head", a short two season gacha series that is your average World Ending type of story. I would say it's original, but let's be honest, that's difficult to do! That is why I am holding auditions/applications for people to help out with the writing and character creation for this short series.



Well I personally have never put a team like this together before, so I guess I am looking for any sort of talent you can offer! If you can do anything (literally anything) and don't mind waiting until this project makes money to get paid, then I will welcome you with open arms to this project! I am especially looking for writers and artists, since I am only mediocre at both of those things :')


All In Your Head is a Gacha mini series about three kids who have DNA from a capsule that came from space trying to stop Sarafina (their 'creator', of sorts) from finding them and duplicating their RNA to make biological weapons. I know it sounds very basic, but bear with me. I promise it's way more interesting I just don't know how exactly to summarize this-


I honestly don't see many 'gacha' projects with payed talent. I, however, will pay everyone who offers their talents to this series. After the first episode is released and the YouTube channel is monetized, any and all money will be sent to the people on the team working on the project. (There is no guarantee, so if the first episode flops and isn't watched there is no way to pay you. I guess that kind of motivation to work harder, eh?)

I am sorry for not being able to guarantee the payment, but if this goes as I plan I'm sure all team members will get paid eventually! When that happens, everyone will get paid on the day the episode is released as a little celebration!

If your audition is accepted, and you agree to be a part of this team/studio, you will be expected to be active and speak with the team via Slack at least once a week so we know you haven't randomly died.

About the Creator: Creative and Caffeinated

I am just a child do not trust me.

Just kidding, I'm 17 and I like to write stuff. 
I can also animate, draw/paint, edit audio and video, and do a few manager-ish things when I have access to a computer again. 
(Long story short I broke my last one and am trying to save up for a new one at the moment!) 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold