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Vocaltaffy's Previously Completed Works

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    About Black Widow: A New Start

    This vignette is the 2nd in this series.
    It functions as a parallel to the Loki screenplay. This event is what happens
    on our Earth while Loki returns to Asgard to face justice.

    Brief Overview:
    Right after the Avengers' rescue of New York and Loki's departure,
    Steve Rogers catches ear of the conversation between Romanoff and Barton
    concerning her latest assignment for S.H.I.E.L.D. She gives Rogers a job lead
    with S.H.I.E.L.D. and advises him to contact Fury about a mission that she believes
    Rogers may want to know about. However, Fury may not be open to that idea.

    All I am looking for here is an voice actress who can channel- that is, MATCH- Scarlett Johanssen as Natasha Romanoff. I cannot pull it off. So I ask that you Be as much of a Dead on match as possible.

    But Before you start please read the specs below!
    ***THE SPECS! MUST READ!!***
    v. raw audio recordings in a controlled environment. Processed [noise removed] audio is fine, but please don't Overprocess it. Do not filter the audio. I'll do that where needed!

    Here are the minimum settings (for BTVA): 16-bit, 44 kHz, 96Kbps, joint stereo, mp3 (importing mp3s, wavs, aiffs, etc, from another program and exporting them as mp3s using the Audacity software will Guarantee that your auditions upload the First time- given that each file is under 1 Mb in size). For simplicity's sake, please stick to these specs when submitting audio to  my projects. Thank you.

    Removing noise via Audacity is Highly recommended. Long story short is this: Please submit RAW takes withOut vocal effects, and CLEAN audio. Any and all audio with background noise WILL BE marked "PASS"
    (unLESS I hear something redeemable in the read itself. In which case I'll comment on it and ask you re-audition and fix the noise issue or anything else about it. Strong acting, quality of audio, and reading exactly what's there withOut adding a word or taking out a word gets the best consideration).

    v-a. Multiple takes for each line are recommended. My advice is do between 3-5 takes for each line (unless doing so involves straining your vocal cords!). For at least the First two read the lines as directed and after that you're welcome to make a Minor change- a word or two- as you feel the character would say it, or as you feel would go better. Save the improvisation for the last take after the first two takes.

    v-b. Leave a .5 second pause between each line for each sentence you read. And Please don't clip your audio. If you do I'll just "Pass" your audition. Please do Not ask me to listen to a 1-2+ minute audio clip- with no editing done to it- and do Not ask me to suggest a character for you to read. (someone has actually emailed me that request. I replied "No" and gave the person a pointer, sent them along and Then they came back with the same request with the exact SAME audio AGAIN!) I'll just "PASS."

    Unless the audition requests cursing (rare), just don't curse or reference anything of an adult nature in the auditions or even in the comments. Children- both little and Adult ones- come across this project sometimes.

    vi. Replay your file to check for errors such as unintentional clips and pops (which are common problems with condenser mics without pop filters) during sound post-production.

    Those with equipment less than this minimum standard are still welcome to audition. Keep in mind that the best quality auditions will receive the most consideration.

    vii. Audacity Noise Reduction- Your New Post-production Best Friend! *almost*
    Let's face it- professionals know there is NO substitute for a dead silent recording environment. Always look for one Whenever and Wherever possible. It means less of a chance for unwanted distorted metallic-sounding audio Later.

    Do your reads still have background noise? I have No time to 'show' you myself, so am pointing you to a link on how:


    There you are!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold