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Eleanor Idlewood's Previously Completed Works

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    About [Age Of Destruction]:MatrixGate,Voyage Vers d'Autres Realités-3D Animation French *Paid Job*

    Hi!And Welcome to My Project.

    This project are based on My fiction (I Work on a 3D animation Adaptation on Youtube,but it was another Casting Call xD) And in particular what will take the crab between the volume 1 and the volume 2 of my fiction . So this a Movie in 3D Animation,and as you can see This Project have somes references to Stargate (I'm a gater,and his a way for me to celebrate de 20 years of SG-1.But the Particulity it's the fact in need French voice ! Et Oui! I'm French,My Fiction it's French and My Public it's French .

    The explain Video It's a Short 3D Animation I Created with Daniel Jackson Voice :3

    ***************************First Trailer (Not Animation)**************


    ***********Information about the movie*****
    Time: Maybe 30 or 40 minutes
    3D Animation
    Story:9 Months After Saving the Humanity of the Two Powerful Cyborg Destructive, The Rebels (The Organization that saved the world) manages to activate The Matrix Gate, the invention of the same inventor as that of the Cyborgs
    (And his is  the enemy of the Rebels and a Threat to Humanity). The Rebels discover that Ginyu (the inventor, the villain) succeeded in creating a portal to simulated worlds (worlds that he had to create artificially By Computers) Very quickly, they notice that one of the worlds they have discovered is peopled, and that this population is held in Slavery by a "god" named Er.
    Tracking Ginyu for years, the Rebels think that this Er is none other than Ginyu and go to explore this world called Skaara.
    En Français:9 Mois aprés avoir sauver l'humanité des deux puissant Cyborg destructeur ,Les rebelles (L'Organisation qui à donc sauvé le monde) arrive à activer la Porte de la Matrice ,Invention du même inventeur que celui des Cyborgs
    (et donc l'ennemi des Rebelles et une Menace pour L'humanité ).Les Rebelles découvrent donc que Ginyu (L'inventeur,le méchant) à reussi à creer un portail vers des mondes simulé (Des mondes qu'il à creer artificiellement par Ordinateurs)Trés vite,ils remarquent qu'un des mondes qu'ils ont découverent est peuplé, Et que cette population est tenue en Esclavage par un "dieu" nommé Er.
    Tranquant Ginyu depuis des années,les Rebelles pensent donc que ce Er n'est d'autre que Ginyu et partent explorer ce monde nommé Skaara.
    Speaking French
    Good Microphone
    It's All ^^
    What is the time frame for when the project will be completed?-
    I want to realise this project for the 20 years of SG-1,so the 7/27/2017.
    I completed the Script,I Work on the StoryBoard,I Created the Character,I Work and the décor,I Created the Musics,And I Just need the voices to make the animations(I Created too) ^^
    How fast do you require actors turnaround time to be?-
    As Fast as an Asgard Ship
    I Mean,when I Give you the Role,I Give your Script .The deadine are the 20 Th July,I Give You 4 or 5 Days to recorded your voice .The Chapter of My Movies aren't Long,There are some Action Parts,Silences Parts (where the music take place like an actor)
    **************Paid Job***************

    I planned to do it also in dvd (my community said yes to the products derived from my fiction, and I need money to pay me my xD pizzas and as a student it can be nice to win A little money with his passion)
    Therefore it is quite normal that I pay you! I was thinking about paying 10 euros but that's a bit I think (not even what to pay 1 month on World Of Warcraft), that said I risk proposing this format dvd towards mid August (so I will give the money to this Moment there, in more end of July I have my pay of my summer job!)
    So I think about paying you via PayPal
    So pure summary I pay you 10 euros at first and depending on the sales of this format you touch a certain part.

    10 euros = 11 Us Dollars=14 Can Dollars

    Pour les français:
    Vu que je risque de proposer un format Dvd à ma communauté (Elle à dit oui aux produits dérivé,en plus en tant qu’étudiante c'est cool de pouvoir gagner de l'argent avec sa passion) il est normal que je vous paie,genre 10 euros (même si c'est peu je trouve serieux même pas de quoi payer 1 mois sur World Of warcraft)
    Mais du coup,en premier lieu je vous paie 10 euros,et en fonction des ventes vous en recevrai une partie ( à chaque vente vous  en toucherez une partie )
    Je donne le precieux argent via PayPal :3
    Et vu que ce format Dvd sera sûrement  mis en place mis Aout,sa sera à ce moment là que je vous payerai (en plus j'aurais ma paye de mon job d'été .)
      Ah et 10 euros ça fais 11 dollars US sois 14 Dollars Canadien.
    Le Prix du format Dvd ?
    Aux alentours de 6-9 euros (je tient pas ruiner ma communauté)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold
    New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.

    New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.