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    About Age 12: A Small Heart Pounding [English Dub] 5F + 4M

    Holding auditions for an English fandub of the anime: 12-Sai.: Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki.

    It is a slice-of-life, romantic shoujo anime that currently has aired its first season and the second season is now ongoing.

    Our English dub will call the anime by its translated name: Age 12: A Small Heart Pounding

    or something similar

    Things to Know:

    - I am only casting for reoccurring characters at this time, starting with the ones who appear in episode one. Other reoccurring characters will most likely be casted to the voice actors who are casted to these characters here.

    - I labeled each character either Major or Support character based on their important and amount of lines in the series. Please only audition for major characters if you have the time to handle a larger work load. That being said, do note that there are reoccurring characters who are also supporting characters, meaning that they appear in a lot of episodes but they do not have as many lines as major characters. Supporting characters may not have as many lines are major characters but they are just as important to completing the project. You still need a lot of commitment if you are casted as a supporting character.

    - You may request feedback on your auditions and I will give you some at my earliest convenience. Be aware that I am in college so it may take a few days to get back to you on feedback. You may see me listen to your and others' auditions, but that does not mean that I have time to actually give feedback. I put a lot of thought and effort into my feedback so it takes time so please give me that.

    - If the fandub becomes extremely successful, I may or may not ask the cast to do extra projects such as Q&A videos and possibly provide pictures of themselves to showcase themselves alongside their character and a demo reel. Only audition if you are comfortable with the possibility of having your photo on the Internet.

    - I will be extremely strict on lines and time for this fandub. I really want this project to be reach publication and not let myself and the cast down again. If you are unable to turn in your lines then you risk a high chance of losing your position.

    - I will be casting two roles for each character: Lead Role & Understudy. The primary workload of the character will naturally go to the Lead Role Actor. It is the Understudy's job to fill in for any episode where the Lead Role Actor cannot turn in all of their lines on-time. Be aware that if a Lead Role actor is unable to turn in their lines more than twice, the Lead Role will officially and permanently will be casted to their Understudy.

    - As far as episode one goes, if a Lead Role Actor does not turn in their lines or is unable to meet the deadlines, the Understudy will immediately take on the role. First impressions are important. If you are unable to turn in episode one lines then the understudy deserves your role. No questions.

    - As you can see below, I took the liberties of casting myself as Yui Aoi, the second leading female. I was tempted to cast myself as Hanabi but I felt that it would be unfair to take the first lead for myself. =w=;

    ***Special Note: For any character role that you audition for, please post your lines to both the lead role AND understudy role for the respective character. Anyone who fails to post their audition to both roles will have all of their auditions nullified, no matter how excellent their audition was. I need voice actors who will read and follow direction****

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold