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    About Youtube Channel looking for commentators.

    Hello, if you have come here looking to join a youtube playthrough commentary channel well good news you are in the right place. I and a few of my friends have recently started up this youtube channel, but we are a bit understaffed at the moment and we are looking to find new commentators to join the channel. Please keep in mind of two things, one this is more of a fun project that while we try to take it seriously this is more just for fun and we here at AGC do not force people to record or be apart of a certain commentary when you don't feel like it, and two we are a very small channel at the moment with very few subscribers but again its more for the fun of making youtube videos rather than the fame. I do have 3 requirements that i am looking to be met in the auditions.

    1. You must be over the age of 15, while we try not to cuss in our videos we do consider our channel to be a sort of PG 13 kind of channel so certain topics we talk about or the jokes we make aren't suitable for minors.

    2. Our main priority for this casting call is to find someone who is capable of recording gameplay for the channel. since there are only 2 of us (including me) who are capable of recording footage the workload for both myself and my friend is piling high.

    3. I will be looking for someone who is flexible with recording dates for the commentary and cooperative with the other commentators. our recording schedule while they do have a set date for recording the times in which we record commentary varies due to the differences in time zones. also including the fact that the amount of people we have in the commentaries average at around 3-4 people at a time, so being getting along with the other commentators is a must.

    I will include a link to the youtube channel just in case you want to see what you are in for, PS: we are very new to all of this so the commentary might be lackluster at times but we are improving bit by bit.

    I can't wait to start working with you soon!

    About the Creator: theauramancer

    Just a 17 year old trying out voice acting, yeah I only have my laptop microphone and not a professional microphone but I am working on it!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold