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    About Adventures In The Fomobile (GTA 5 Machinima Crime/Dark Comedy/Drama)

    Hello everyone,
    I am looking for a voice actor to play a character named Gregory Rodriguez (Greg).
    The previous voice actor for this role had to drop out of the project due to recent situations that have come up in his life.
    This role does include swearing.
    He is half-black, half hispanic, he speaks ebonics, and comes from the inner city.
    A description of who he is as a character and the rest of the film is below in the synopsis.
    Please read all the information available.

    Four individuals come together to form the ultimate heist crew. 
    Matthew Felton, a fairly innocent young man trying to make it in LA and eventually get's corrupted by his new-found friends becoming the leader of the group.
    Tony Kaito, a long time criminal giving his advice and resources to the others in the group.
    Brian King, the person that pulls Matthew into the life of crime.
    Gregory Rodriguez, Brian's lifetime friend that worked with Tony several years prior in a major bank heist.
    Power. Money. Guns. Drugs.
    That sums up the life of these four newly millionaires after a couple years of working together.
    But one day, their past catches up to them and leads them into a world of hurt with the IRS and FBI.
    This film will be one of the most, if not the most innovative and high-production value machinimas of all time.

    It is unpaid work, but we have many professional voice actors already working with us.
    Just know that due to some of the past experiences they've shared with me, that you may have had as well with unpaid work, I will garuntee you that your lines will not go to waste in a canceled project.
    We will be recording, body acting, and editing this film act by act so you can see progress being made while you are putting forth the effort.
    We are very organized. We have a schedule and a call sheet.
    The script is already finished and finalized. We already have 2 teasers out on YouTube as well.



    I am also attaching all the posters that we have created for this film as well.
    The main poster also gives a visual of what the main characters will look like. From left to right: Greg, Matthew, Tony, Brian

    Please contact me at:
    *PREFERRED* (We have a project chat) Skype: Bossgames00
    Email: [redacted]

    Our website can be found at 

    Thank you,
    Director, Jacob Hawkins.

    Read more: http://voiceacting.proboards.com/thread/31385/adventures-fomobile-crime-comedy-drama#ixzz4K1BBe3vI

    About the Creator: libertystudios

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